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Did You Know: PPC Advertising Allows You to Set Time Frames on Ads.

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One bit of knowledge to arm yourself with when setting up online ad campaigns is that you have the right to set everything up to your standards. There is no reason to get “bullied” into spending more that your marketing budget simply to get a few visitors to your landing page, website, or other location.

In addition to the ability to set a daily budget, which helps to calculate the number of quality clicks you are receiving and other campaign data, you can set specific time frames on your campaign. First and foremost, these include a start and end date. When combined with the daily budget set, calculated daily number of clicks and the number of days, you will easily be able to determine the initial performance of your PPC ad campaignActive Account Free Trial

For the evolution and improvement of your campaign, if you have been able to identify the times of day that some of the actual high-performing clicks have come to your ad, the next time frame can be set. This is the start and end time of each day, or specific days of the week. For example, if your first test finds that your ad receives the highest click-through rate (CTR) or lead conversion rate on weekday nights after working hours and before 10pm, then you may want to limit the time frame of your ad to Monday through Friday from 5:00 to 10:00pm.

One way of working out the details of this time frame is with a marketing management firm that can help evaluate those performance rates from your initial campaign content and location. If you are unsure of the points of your ad or the goals of your campaign that need testing for improvement, then marketing and advertising firms are a good place to start.

Consider setting the goals for campaigns like your lead conversion rate, CTR, e-newsletter subscribers, and others who will be gained from your digital marketing ads. The long-term determination is how all of these will eventually turn into customers and then return customers, and by having your digital ads online at the optimal time frame your ideal customers are more likely to enter your sites and complete their purchases.

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