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Differences Between Local and National PPC Campaigns

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While there are careful strategies to manage in all Pay-Per-Click (PPC) marketing campaigns, there are plenty of agencies that are able to help manage all the ins and out of these campaigns in order to help determine the best options. Two types of PPC advertising are local and national campaigns.

There is the importance of determining the key audience of the specific campaign, whether it is local to a specific area or region, or if it is broadened to the national population. Some key points to consider in relation to your audience would be:

  • Different keyword strategies – SEO either national or local
  • How far your customers are willing to go
  • Micro-marketing support

For all of these inclusions there are agencies that provide services of both creating and planning campaigns, as well as long-term management. There may be a PPC campaign that focuses on local customers and can include name of your city or locale, especially if there is a physical store that produces the greater deal of your business.

Then, there is the focus on national SEO, or PPC campaigns, which is of greatest value when your business is primarily ecommerce. With the greatest amount of your sales produced online there is the ability to produce a broad range of national focus, while not worrying about the persona of a specific town, city, state or region.

For private (or local) businesses, there is a much more specific need to keep details focused on the cities or regions where they are located. No matter where there is one location or multiple, there are options to focus the specifics of these sites on audiences where the physical locations of these companies do their business. For example, a doctor may have more than one office, but it is not necessary to build more than one website from the ground up. Starting from the homepage it can be a path from the landing page into more specified information that will help convert a visitor to a lead to a potential customer. They can see which location would be best to visit and move forward with requests.

With all of the technological advancements available today there is much to consider with the decision between local or national PPC campaigns. Advertising agencies are available to help create and manage the type of campaign from the beginning, through setup, budget, continual analysis and updates. While the details of your business may update or change over time, it is always possible to update your PPC campaign as needed.

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