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Why Pay Per Click (PPC) Advertising is Worth the Investment

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PPC advertising is a form of paid search marketing within sponsored listings of a partner site or a search engine where you pay each time your ad is clicked. It has been shown to drive increased traffic flow towards websites and has resulted in increased sales for businesses. Is PPC advertising worth the investment and all the hype it receives? The answer is yes, it is. Continue on to find out why PPC advertizing is worth it.

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  1. Payment is only made when an interested person clicks on the ad
    PPC advertising is very straightforward because so long as no one clicks on your ad, you do not pay for it. Unlike other forms of advertising where you pay a certain amount of dollars and hope that your target market hopefully engages with the ad, PPC advertising tells you exactly where your money is going when you pay for the ad. For example, if you are driving asales campaign for a specific boat brand, once a potential customer clicks on the ad, that is when you pay for the ad.  This form of advertising, therefore, directly targets potential customers for the particular boat brand since they are most likely the ones who will express interest in the ad and click on it. This can result in increased boat sales for your boating business.
  1. You can control advertising costs by setting a budget
    With PPC advertising, you set your budget according to your needs. You can put a cap on your daily spending, which can be adjusted at any time. You, therefore, have no reason to spend more than you can afford in driving a marketing campaign. You can also plan your PPC advertising campaign seasonally, factoring in your peak and slow seasons for maximum exposure. This allows you to plan your biggest spending just before the busiest time of year for your instead of spending heavily all-year round. If your boating company services the most number of boats during the summer, you can plan your PPC advertising campaign such that it falls just before the summer.
  1. You reach your target audience at the right time with the right ad
    If you want to target a specific person, at a specific time of day, at a specific place with a specific ad, PPC advertising will do the trick for you. PPC can use location targeting and delivery options using specific device preferences, such as mobile phones, to help you reach your target consumers with specific messages when they are near you. For example, using Google AdWords, you can target people within 50 miles of your boating store for specific boat brands or models. You can also use the same tactic to get people to your marina.
  1. PPC shows results very quickly compared to organic search
    Organic search has a longer cycle before it can prove ROI. PPC advertising, on the other hand, can be set up today and by the next day you could be seeing results in terms of traffic and conversions. This is, of course, dependent on various factors. If you need to find out if consumers are taking up your discounted offer on boat servicing during the winter, you can effectively use PPC advertising to check if you are hitting your targets.

PPC advertising is very target-specific and can help you to push your brand forward. It can also help you to gather data for planning your next round of marketing campaigns. Additionally, PPC advertising can even be used to promote oddball events within the boating industry, with remarkable results.

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