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How Microsites Boost Overall SEO for Your Dealership

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We have spoken many times about online marketing and the many benefits of SEO for your dealership’s online presence. There is also the importance of positive or White Hat SEO in keeping your company name on the proper side of the business and online world. Most recently we have presented the topic of microsites and the many benefits they can provide to your dealership, especially in the fact that online marketing is so much a factor in today’s business world. Many marketing professionals state the clear benefits of microsites as decluttering the homepage, adding focus for page visitors, adding to marketing tests and promotions, building your company brand and brand awareness and then, finally, SEO influence.

Along with the ability to link your dealership homepage into every single microsite, otherwise known as online promotion or campaign, not only does your microsite appear at the top of search results with the ability to use it as an “Ad” but your company website quickly rises in appearance in the overall results. Additionally, the SEO boost includes the fact that each microsite has its own separate URL from your company site, so whatever content is included within the page can contain so many additional keywords that could potentially be related to your business name. With multiple microsites created, including a number of keywords along with your dealership name, there is much to be said for how easily your company will appear at the top of search results for different products, services, promotions, campaigns and more.

The root of it is to brand each of your microsites, remembering that there is no reason to overdo the interlinking between your sites, and that keywords will be a boost as well. Your different microsites will be able to serve as specific messages to specific audiences. It is hard for one homepage to catch the eye of everyone, so microsites can touch those small, targeted audiences. Along with increased SEO, there is the ability to manage online presence a little more closely when these sites can individually be updated without the large need for an overall change on the company website. Then there is the chance of increased conversion rate because of those audiences you reach, along with a better chance

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