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Why should my dealership embrace microsites?

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There is much to be gained from the development of microsites for a boat dealership. From SEO benefits to the ability to target specific audiences, the potential for traffic growth with microsites is promising. What is a Microsite?

One perk of microsites includes the attention that it can bring to a new product or service offered by your dealership, while also referencing the business as a whole. With all of the SEO references to both the new product and marketing campaign, there is the ability inside this new page to bring keywords and links to the existing web page, brand, and company name in order to help further ascend your website in online search results.

Each of those microsite links have the ability to include the dealership name, SEO keywords and much more, all to help with the increased presence of the dealership nationally or even worldwide online. Additionally, microsites can be updated regularly as certain aspects of the campaign change or evolve. Visibility of products, services, brands and overall dealership name are maintained with the more links that are located within the larger website as a whole.

In addition to boosting SEO, microsites are often used to target certain audiences. Dealerships might find it useful to implement a geographically targeted set of microsites that allow shoppers to browse boats and corresponding accessories that are available in their area, eliminating much of the clutter that comes with shopping online. Maybe you have a special VIP treatment planned within an event that your dealership is hosting. Social ads linking to a microsite that has your sweet offer inside is a great way to attract the most likely of buyers. You may have a new boat model making its way to the floor; showcasing it with its own microsite can help amplify its extravagance.

There are many things to gain from utilizing microsites as they are often the most effective way to drive targeted traffic as well as a great way to spike SEO value. Since each microsite has a separate link, there becomes many individual links with the inclusion of your company name, brand, promotions, products and services. The beauty of a microsite lies in improvements they make in your web presence, and the application are endless.


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