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4 Benefits of Microsites That are Region-Specific.


As many businesses are opting for the cloud for marketing their ventures, simply having a website is no longer enough to gain clients. There are countless SEO tactics and other online marketing strategies to help drive traffic to your business. One of those tactics is the use of microsites.  There are many purposes microsites can be used for, however, todays article is focused on those used for specific regions. To give an example, say a user wants to find a dealership in their city, somewhere close to them. They might type into a search engine “(their city) boat dealers” or “Boat dealers near me.” That user may not be willing to travel or wait for shipment of the items they are searching for, so a microsite designed to showcase products available it that area alone could be just what the potential  is looking for.

Here are 4 major benefits of having region-specific microsites.
More about Microsites - what they are and how they can be used - here.

  • Create brand awareness in a new location
    If you want to expand you market share in a specific location you can use region specific microsites to achieve that. This will enable you to share key aspects about your brand in a more interactive and engaging way on various online platforms and not just from your company’s homepage. You can talk about your specific product or a line of products that people in a given location can access and this is quite amazing.

    By using region specific microsites to achieve brand awareness in a specific location, you are likely to witness an increase in the number of sales from that region. They could be quite convincing and convenient for both you and your potential clients.

  • Declutters information for your cusotmers
    Your company serves clients across the nation. Your website likely has its full array of products and services listed on it with delivery options, a map of your many locations, and your generalized company information - which is great and absolutely necessary. Your costomers, however, likely want to know what they can access near them.

    To illustrate, ABC boat company: "We have over 400 boats in stock, view our selection here. Additional delivery charge may apply."
    400 boats is a lot to search through, plus the addition if an unknown delivery charge. 

    A customer might rather see, ABC boat company, Timbucktoo: "We have 18 boats in stock at our Timbucktoo location. View selection here or come into the dealership at 111 Address Lane, Timbucktoo. Call to make an appointment for a live demo."  
    ABC Boat company, Timbucktoo sounds much more accessible, with a more managable selection to choose from, and has implications of talking to real people about the inventory that they have personally dealt with. 

    A microsite to serve the purpose of narrowing down information for your costomers really helps to declutter their options for them. Of course you have the capability to deliver the perfect product from afar, but having a local option is a big plus.
  • Increasing your SEO value
    The significance of the use of search engine optimization cannot be underestimated. If a business combines this with the use of region specific microsites, their online presence can be quite formidable. If you invest in the creation of quality and popular microsites coupled with the use of effective search engine optimization, your dealership will become more relevant to search engines.

    Many potential customers will get to know about your company on various social platforms or even on other businesses’ websites. It is good to mention that the use of a branded vertical – in this case microsites – can make SEO links that are quite effective. This has the effect of increasing the credibility of your microsite links which translates to a larger market share.
  • Boost engagement with customers
    If you want to increase your engagement with potential and existing customers, the use of microsites is a brilliant way to do so. Microsites can be accessed through a number of platforms like social media and other sites related to yours. This added engagement can help you to serve your customers better as you can show them only the information that is relevant in their area.

    This better engagement could capture the hearts of many of your customers and the attendant word of mouth recommendation will boost your sales. Customer relation is important for any business that hopes for a return sale and the spread of information facilitated by customer satisfaction.

The use of region-specific microsites is effective in increasing your market presence in a specific location. It is a good way of engaging both your existing and potential clients in their own area.

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