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How Dealerships Can Build Traffic with Microsites

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There are a lot of things to consider when developing microsites for the growth of your dealership’s online presence. Other online marketing outlets like social media have made it so that microsites as a way to build traffic, have taken a back seat. While those outlets do have their own benefits, microsites serve purposes far beyond likes and page views. Microsites are not meant to draw just anyone and everyone to your business. They are used as a method to attract specifically targeted audiences which is a handy tactic in boosting online traffic. After all, why not create content just for those who are most likely to do business with you?

There are multiple applications of microsites that work to gain traffic, and the more specific, the better. Whether it’s for a product release, sales promotion, or regional segmentation, when created as an ad, the site will automatically appear at the top of a search engine list – especially Google where ads are placed before any other links. With the inclusion of a meta description and eye-catching ad graphics, your ads will drive interested visitors to your microsite. Since it is meant to speak only to those who were searching in the first place, many of those visitors will become qualified leads.

Microsites are very useful in leading visitors to your website, if that is the goal. Sometimes they can be set up in such a way that business is done directly through the microsite, but for the sake of traffic building, you might wish to drive them to your website to view your inventory or better understand your dealership’s values, what have you. Microsites are a great way to direct traffic to your main website. In terms of SEO value, linking to and from a microsite can increase your website’s rankings on search engines.

There are many ways to use microsites. We now know that that are great for targeting specific audiences based on location, product interest, promotional interest and others. Remember the importance of key words and tags that relate to those potential audiences in the opening paragraphs of the page, as well as in the description, meta description and meta tags. For this article, building traffic is the name of the game and microsites work wonders in boosting web traffic.

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