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What is a CSI Campaign? Part 2

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As mentioned in the previous article, now is prime time to start the follow-up process with all of those leads and customers gained from boat shows and related efforts. The benefits of inquiring on your customers’ satisfaction with their interaction with your brand are clear.

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This is what makes it worthwhile. Consider the evaluation of hundreds or even thousands of them who have brought in a great deal of business during this past season of shows. It is not effective to predict the next season’s marketing, sales or customer service needs based only upon recently closed sales. positive customer relations and loyalty are another huge factor. If even a small percentage of those customers completed a purchase but were unhappy with your customer service or other issue in any way, then those comments can be put towards repairing the problem and preventing it in the future, in turn fostering positive marketing through word of mouth.

With the lead generation campaigns set aside for a short time while business is booming, the CSI campaign is your chance to progress into the customer follow-up phase of your year.

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