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Targeting Your Audience with Microsites.

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One of the greatest things about microsites is that they exist outside a company’s main website. Though they are similar to landing pages in many ways, they also provide specific functions for ecommerce needs. A landing page exists alone with the search for contacts and leads. Microsites, on the other hand, can have many pages with the presentation of several key points of your company’s products, services and more.

There is much to gain from the development of one or more microsites, while adding the presentation of your company’s brand, message and overall name to the internet world. With all of the external links that are created in microsites and their separate pages, the assistance of this development to SEO is incredible. Without looping around continually to your homepage there is the ability to link to microsites with the many different products, services, promotions and more that are being presented regularly. Microsites can be managed consistently and updated for the continued update of SEO results for any business.

Also, there is the ability to build microsites without the current development of a full website. If a small start-up or other new company has yet to complete a full, regularly running website there is still the ability to build a microsite for each up-and-coming product or promotion that is at least boosted out onto the internet.

Another item to consider is that microsites for individual or recurring promotions can be created on standard platforms like WordPress or others. Many large companies find that because of the sheer magnitude and complexity of their website, they have to create their own CMS platform to build it on. Setting up microsites can be kept simple with tools available to everyone.  

Each audience, or potential client, may pull the search engine results of the microsite, thus leading them to the larger overall company website in the end, or even the landing page where they can subscribe to the company information. With these simple yet informative microsites there is much to be gained from reaching out to different audiences, and expanding the overall name of one company, large or small.


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