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Why You Should Advertise Your Boat Show on Your Website

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Now, this may seem like an obvious question or consideration when planning your own boat show or other event, but there are many factors to consider when promoting and advertising in advance. While it is clear that both your company and your event are included in the same overall goals, certain ideals of your website may be more generalized while the presentation of your show is more colorful and exciting. The two may eventually need to be separate yet linked at the core.

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There is the possibility of creating a separate site that links traffic from within your site. This can definitely be helpful if the content on your page has become cluttered, or if by chance the goals of these two pages may be slightly different. In this manner, it is helpful for your own page to simply contain a link to a separate page, which promotes your event. This will keep your homepage from getting too jammed with information that will overwhelm new visitors and existing customers alike.

Additional reasons that this link may be one of the most profitable methods of promoting and connecting your event to your homepage is that you can keep better track of results. Analysis is always important in digital marketing, and this way you will be able to keep track of click-through-rates while also managing the coming population of your event for those who register on the event’s landing page.

It is wise to keep marketing and advertising statements for the date, location and time of your event on your homepage so it’s readily visible. On it, also include a link to a separate page that has the more intricate event details. Not only does this help prevent overcrowding your home page, it also makes it simpler and less time-consuming to take down after the event is over.

As always, remember to have your sales and marketing teams work together on events like this. Many different details of digital marketing are involved in attracting existing customers along with a desired audience to your show. All existing customers and leads may visit your homepage from different sources like social media, while others may visit the event page directly. Therefore, having both of these pages is crucial to market your company and event alike.

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