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Why We Love Live Chat

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Thanks to technology, the way we do business has changed tremendously, altering the customer support field along with it. Customers can now contact businesses by phone, email, social media and now, live chat. Offering a live chat feature on a website has resulted in exponential growth for those businesses over the last few years. Gaining in popularity, more people are using the platform to get in touch with businesses. The marine industry has also not been left behind in adopting this form of communication. We have it on our own site, and is here to stay.

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Here is why we LOVE our Live Chat feature

  • Low Cost
    Start up cost is minimal, and once installed it opens a whole new door for customers and subsequently for the company. It pays for itself very quickly, the numbers work out very well for us, and we believe that it will do the same for your marine business as well. In this industry, many businesses have found live chat useful because whenever their clients get in touch with them for boat servicing, boat accessories, and anything else, they can be served immediately at no additional cost to the business.

  • Improves Service
    As with many other companies, we are always looking for ways of improving customer service. Live chat is convenient for both the client and the business since the customer is served immediately without waiting on hold on the phone or waiting for an email response. We can cater to our customers as the need arises. Additionally, whenever a customer gets in touch with us on live chat, the conversation is saved. This way, the next time the customer contacts the business, Our live chat tech can refer to the earlier conversation for any important information. With this, any operator can assist any client, at any time, without the customer having to repeat themselves. Boat owners have found that live chat is very handy specifically in scheduling service for their boats. Clients looking to find out more about marine tourism can also find out about their travel destination in real time.

  • Helps Guide Growth
    Live chat generates a lot of data. With it, we can look into which pages are most frequently visited, what customers are commonly asking about, preferred topics, popular chat times, and even who is doing well as a the assistant. This information comes in handy when managing inventory and running campaigns best suited for our customers. The posibilities for boat dealers is great in this area too. Depending on the season, boating businesses can easily track which products and services their clients seek at a given time a year. They can, therefore, prepare themselves adequately for the next season in addition to keeping up with the latest trends their customers may be interested in.  

  • Inspires the Returning Customer
    We love when our clients return to us. Efficient communication has been shown time and again to be the key to delighting the customer and inspiring repeat business. In the marine industry, returning customers are a necessityand for that reason, live chat is for you. 

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