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Why Having a Blog on Your Website is Important

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What is the purpose of having a blog? Should you go through the trouble of setting up a blog on your website? What information do I want to share? These are some of the questions that may come up as a company embarks on the journey of blogging.

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Below are 4 reasons why blog having a blog on your website is important.

  1. Driving Traffic to Your Website
    One major challenge that marketers go through currently is visitor acquisition. A blog creates an excellent marketing tool for your business/venture. On your website, it offers content your clients or followers can interact with. Blogs cover different topics, all of which tell more about what your brand has to offer.  A blog on your website can also be linked to social media pages such as Facebook, Twitter, LinkedIn and Pinterest allowing your customers and followers to access specific landing pages on your website. It also serves as a summary for all that is found on your social media pages and gives people reason to click through your website as they seek to learn more about your brand. Having a blog is a great way to drive traffic towards your website. 
  1. Fueling your Website’s SEO
    A blog on your website increases your search engine optimization (SEO). Increasing content with keywords and related expressions on your website using a blog ensures that your website ranks favorably on different search engines such as Google and Yahoo. This makes it easier for a visitor to find and land on your website, sending traffic your way. The more keywords and expressions associated with a given field or industry on your website, the more favorably your website is ranked on different search engines. In this day and age, SEO ranking on the internet space often determines whether your venture will grow or not. The higher your SEO ranking, the higher your chances are of reaching your targets.
  1. Positioning your Brand as a Leader in the Industry
    A blog helps you to carve out a niche for yourself in the industry by covering very specific issues associated with your industry. The reason for the existence of the internet is to connect, and to provide information. By supplying adding more content on what your brand has to offer in the industry, specialization for whichever niche you have carved for yourself is emphasized.  Well written articles on your preferred specialty markets your knowledge, skills, expertise and understanding of the industry setting you apart as a leading brand in the industry. This contributes to the trust individuals place in your brand by emphasizing how well-versed you are in the industry.  This could lead to increased sales and support for your business and cause, respectively.
  1. Improving Public Relations
    All businesses, ventures, and causes thrive on good PR. Having a blog on your website allows you to tackle some of your customers/followers most pressing needs and questions. A blog also allows you to interact with them one-on-one, albeit via the internet.  By responding to their questions, comments, and suggestions online, the level of connectivity between your brand and clients is deepened, leading to more consumer trust in your brand.  Consumers love and appreciate being well-informed of the products, services, and industry you are in. The more consumers trust your brand, the more likely they are to buy into what your brand is all about, ultimately leading to increased sales.

Download the free ebook  "SEO: the past, present, and future"



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