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White Hat SEO vs. Black Hat SEO

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We all know that there is a great value to search engine optimization in the increase of your website rankings, but when taking on the SEO activity there is much more to consider. The simple definition of search engine optimization can too easily be taken from one angle that can lead to troubles for your business in the long run. SEO needs to be taken on carefully and with thorough planning in order to make sure that there will be quality search engine results for your site, quality leads and customer relationships, as well as a long-term business to be built.

When considering the need to plan the SEO of your website and microsites, there is a need to consider both White Hat SEO and Black Hat SEO. Basically, the good versus the bad.

Here are some key points to the Black Hat SEO methods that can end up causing troubles to your website and business, thus shortening your business life:

  • Overstuffing keywords
  • Overuse of one single keyword on any page
  • Use of external links within content
  • Duplicate content within your page
  • Also using links to sites with insignificant content

Another way of looking at the SEO of your site, there is quality over quantity. This is also the consideration of White Hat SEO, or quality search engine optimization, that will help increase your search engine rankings in the long-term as well as improve the quality of your business overall:

  • Microsites or internal pages are used as the reference links – Your own unique quality content
  • Your own company landing pages or campaigns are the links included
  • Multiple and valid keywords used
  • The keywords used are included properly on the specific page which is being created
  • Good copy, with quality grammar and spelling

One of the main things you can think about when considering Black Hat SEO versus White Hat SEO is the importance of ethical business practice and keeping yourself out of the spam filter. There is no reason to shove unworthy or invalid content down the throats of your site visitors, especially if they are in search of quality products and services. If you are willing to take the time to build a quality site with valid information then your company will build its name as being trustworthy and reputable.

So, when you are working on SEO for your website, remember planning from the beginning, and that the site will need continuous management in order to make sure that the information and overall content is up-to-date, that you are keeping up with HTML standards and other regulatory needs for your business, and that you are meeting all of the requests and concerns that have been inquired by your existing and potential customers.

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