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What Your Website says about Your Dealership

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What Your Website says about Your Dealership

We live in an era where internet marketing is one of the most effective and affordable ways to reach target audiences. When it comes to marketing for boat dealers, one thing that requires great attention is your dealer website.

Websites have a wider reach, can be laser targeted to your audience, and they provide great analytics, revealing information that is key to your decision makers. When well executed, a website can be one of your top marketing tools for attracting leads and sales.

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So, what does your website say about your dealership?

1. Great content shows that you care
Effective content and design is undeniably important for a dealer website. What is actually on your site for visitors to see will ultimately reveal how much your dealership cares about its online visitors - or, alternatively - if it just wants to push a sale.

Tip: It is wise to include plenty informational content on your site. This will give a visitor the sense that they are gaining something from their visit - you shared your knowledge with them. It is always worth the effort to cater to your visitors and put them first before the sale.

Every extra step will be recognized by your visitors, building their trust in your dealership. This, in turn, will generate a higher rate of customer conversion.

2. Your website shows you who your visitors are
Websites often, if not always come equipt with a built in analytics feature that allows companies to assess who is visiting their site, what pages they visit most, what content has the most click rates, and so much more. As a dealership, the information gained from this type of data is invaluable.

Do you know the importance of testing? You can't learn how to ride a boat by just reading a book, right? Same goes for your visitors. You may not really know who your visitors are unless you constantly keep testing the waters.

Once your website is up and running, one of the first things you'll want to install is Google Analytics. This will enable you to check your visitor demographics and behavior.

You can use the demographics to get vital information about your audience. From here, you'll be able to tell their age and gender among other tactical information that’s vital in marketing for boat dealers. You'll also be able to see what pages they're looking at and which specific groups are converting more into leads. The different graphs will enable you to see the peak times in different categories.

Apart from Google Analytics, you can invest in many other analytics programs that will give you even deeper insights that are important for marketing for boat dealers. Note that if you choose to do any form of online advertising e.g. Facebook ads, you'll also get even more analytical information on your audience.

Don't just look at the hits per day, get deeper into analytics so that you can improve your marketing campaigns.

3. How supportive are you?
How easily are you reachable? Do you call your leads? Are you accessible? Nowadays, there is a stronger emphasis on support than ever before.

If you check out reviews of almost any company, one of the things that you'll note is that people want to see how good their support is. If your website is intended to improve marketing for boat dealers, your level of support really counts.

Your website will quickly show that to your visitors. They'll be able to detect how supportive you are simply from a few simple features. Such features include:

Presence of a contact page with clear contacts· A knowledge-base that gives answers to frequently asked questions· Multifaceted support systems to cater for people who need different kinds of support. This can include phone, live chat, social media or email.· Proper usage of media on your site to provide information- This includes use of text, images, videos, audios or even infographics to deliver information.Conclusion


--Your website tells a story. At the end of the day, your readers just want to get solutions to their problems. If you seem to perfectly offer the solutions in your websites and eventually in your final services, then you'll keep getting lots of leads and making continuous sales, for a long time. Marketing for boat dealers must include a great website and a great overall customer experience.

Download the free Ebook "25 'Must Haves' of a Great Business Website"

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