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What is Re-marketing?

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Thinking of the word “re-marketing” it is easy to assume that there are many simple methods available to market your products and services repeatedly. However, there is no one basic definition of re-marketing, especially in consideration of the main focus of online business and eCommerce today. There are several different promotions and communication methods that can be made with existing leads or customers who would read your advertisements and marketing details regularly with interest. There are email campaigns that can be sent on a steady schedule to existing customers, as well as online display with enticing ad words that will help with both the conversion of leads to customers and attraction of new, high-quality leads.

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Email Campaigns
With the business world spread almost completely into the online world today, there is the need for electronic communication to manage the relationship with existing customers and leads. There are so many different emails, and repetitive campaigns that can be set up based upon different behaviors of website visitors. While re-marketing is often the focus on placing an existing product back on the market due to declining sales, there are a number of communication methods that can be advanced to help increase the attention it receives.

There are many benefits in the details of these email campaigns, especially in the ability to segment the many different lead and contact lists that are gained throughout the life of your business. With the many different campaigns that can be set up for the proper contextual content, as well as being sent at the proper time, there is always the proper way to talk to the customers and leads who could respond to quality marketing.

Network or Online Campaigns
There is also the ability for search ads and other online marketing ads to be displayed on websites and search engines where they will get the most clicks from visitors. While sometimes purchasing a network, online, or search ad can be expensive, the calculated ROI may be extremely positive and therefore, worthwhile.

There may be other connections that can help with the advancement of additional re-marketing ad posts, especially if there are customers or other contacts with websites of their own who would like to add your posts to their websites. This may not receive as much attention or visibility as that of a search engine or corporate website, but may still be one that does not require financial investment other than potential commission on purchases that are made through those links.

The Re-marketing Ad Within Your Website or App
With the ability to design your own website and make the re-marketing ads visible to your direct visitors, there is much to be gained. While there is likely increasing attention to your website or application as the company grows, there is much to consider in the fact that traditional or long-run products sometimes need to be re-introduced to the market; products that are still available for sales and are in need of increasing sales.

There are ways to do this simply, upon re-marketing the ad from your website to the app by use of a tag that completed the process. There is also the ability to have a small portion of AdWords in your snippet to help your site jump to the head of the line in all search engines.

-- There are so many different perspectives on re-marketing, as well as different practices that can help to proceed positively with the re-marketing of a product, or simply reintroduce activity to leads or existing customers. There are many ways to help increase the re-marketing of not only products in need of increased sales, but even boost your company’s brand, or any other recognition point that could stand to be brought to the surface to help increase your dealership’s bottom line.


Download the free ebook  "30 greatest lead generation tips, tricks, and ideas


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