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Top 5 most important and effective SEO tactics

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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is among the widely used branches of digital marketing. If combined with other marketing tools such as app development, video production, email marketing, web design, social media, and content marketing, companies tend to attract traffic to their website and increase their revenue from the sales.

SEO is described as being revolutionary and dynamic. The need for every boat dealer to improve their website ranking forces them to embrace new technology to edge out their competitors who are hesitant to capitalize on new tactics.

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The duty of every marketing team is to make their dealership appear relevant to users in search engines. According to Hubspot, 66% of marketers say improving SEO and growing their organic presence is their top inbound marketing priority.

With Google getting over 100 billion searches per month (Mashable, 2015), a marine dealer that effectively uses SEO would appear one billion times to users worldwide. This would be marketing with little investment on the part of the enterprise.

Boat dealerships can decide to use either on-page optimization, off page optimization or combine them both. However, being unique in a competitive market calls for a combination of SEO optimization techniques.

Here are the five best SEO strategies you can implement to rejuvenate your prospects and probable consumer traffic:

  1. Publishing High-Quality Content
    Most people have that one blog they get to visit just because they admire the proficiency of the writer expressed on his or her blog. There could be various reasons which we frequently visit a particular blog, whichever the case, it boils down to the quality of it.

    This may sound basic, but it is the heart of a website. It is, in fact, the surest way to attract and maintain readers from all walks of life. Search engine algorithm tends to favor sites that have higher bounce rates and an extended time on site from online users.  Thus, any corporation wishing to invest in any form of digital marketing - in this case, SEO marketing - they must ensure that their blog oozes eminence and originality. As a developer, be sure to regularly post quality content that has been well researched.  There is no need to portray your business as inferior to your competitors just because your website lacks quality.

    Bear in mind that, good work sells itself and SEO strategies are the nitro to give a boost to your sales.
  1. Use of Target Keywords and Meta Elements
    Keywords are what will make the search engine pick your web page over others based on the searched term. The algorithm checks for relevance in any organic search to the numerous web pages available. Choosing the right set of keywords and upholding acceptable keyword density will make it easier for your site to pop up among the top in Search Engine Result Pages (SERP).

    Business 2 Community stated that while the top Google listing still gets about 1/3 of all clicks, the organic results earning the second, third, and fourth spot now receive the other 63% of the clicks, leaving only 4% of clicks for anything lower. Consequently, any top result displayed by the search engine guarantees a click.
  1. Mobile Optimization
    The era of the smartphone has arrived, and nearly every user relies on their gadgets for information. If your website isn’t mobile friendly, you will be locked out since mobile optimization is now the norm. The following are stats supporting why SEO strategies ought to be incorporated in Mobile Platforms:

    A study done by Google in 2015 revealed that more Google searches take place on mobile devices than on computers in ten countries including U.S and Japan. Additionally, 65% of smartphone users agree that when conducting a search on their smartphones, they look for the most relevant information regardless of the company providing the information.

    Based on research done by Search Engine Watch, 67% of mobile users will leave a website if they become frustrated with the site’s navigation, and 72% will exit out if the site loads too slowly. Accordingly, it is your duty to make the user interface is mobile friendly, responsive, and faster to navigate for consumers to spend more time on site.  
  1. Visual and Video Content
    Both visual and video content play a major role in SEO marketing techniques. The entertainment and engaging aspect of videos bring a general good feeling about the site to its audience. Research has shown that if relevant information is paired with an image, approximately 65% of the public will recall the information three days later (LifeLearn, 2015).

    With YouTube and other video hosting platforms, marketers can upload their video SEO, and the search engines will find their content and index them according to the specific keywords entered in search terms.

    It’s prudent to note that images may increase the loading time of a page when not well formatted. Make sure they are optimized and also do away with an auto-playing of videos in your site: a complete turn off to most online users.
  1. Link Building and Internal Links
    Link building is an off-page tactic where other reputable websites get to link their site visitors to your page. You can get this privilege by becoming a guest author in other websites. When your link is posted on other sites, it acts as a recommendation and gains you more preference in search engines. As a result, your “Online CV” gets a merit.

    In addition to that, you can make search engines aware of your web pages through internal interlinking. Linking refers to the connection of your web pages within your site. This does not only build your website but also increases the time your visitors spend on your site.
Utilizing these SEO techniques, you will be able to see your business attracting more users than before implementing these tactics which will, in turn, boost your sales and build the dealership’s reputation.


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 Download the free ebook  "SEO: the past, present, and future"

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