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7 Social Media Content Tactics for Success

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Many boat dealers often feel like fish out of water when it comes to social media management. Their specialties do not align with the art of marketing their service through social media.

Fortunately, most do acknowledge the importance of social media management in marine dealerships. All that is lacking is adequate resources and reliable information on how to pave their way into success through social media marketing.

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Social media management has become a critical tool that has set many businesses on the path to profitability. So many have grown reliant on social media as their chief source of information where one can inquire and pass on quotations regarding products and services. Social media can open up marine businesses to a global audience to the extent that traditional marketing methods simply cannot. 

If you are in a marine dealership and have been in hot pursuit of that breakthrough deal where you land that client you have been eyeing, or you want to enhance your online brand and grow your marine portfolio, continue reading to learn some tips and tricks on how to do so. 

There is, however, no one-size-fits-all style of social media management. There are many tools you can use, and we advise you to seek a smart and reliable approach where you can combine a variety of social media tools.

These are seven social media tactics.

1) Use of hashtags
Once upon a time, the use of hashtags was used only by youngsters with too much time on their hands. Today, the culture of the hashtag has climbed the ladder and now it is used by the most powerful men and women!

The hashtag is an easy tool to use to market your business or run campaigns that your entity might be promoting. It also acts as a virtual filing system and enables your audience to easily follow any online discussions. It is a contemporary way of engaging your clients to your social media posts.

2) Social Listening
Another invaluable social media management tool is the art of tracking the things that people are commenting or posting about your marine business. It’s an effective way of engaging your clients. What’s even more efficient is the marine dealer finding creative ways to participate in the discussion.

This tactic will enable you to put to rest any misconception prospective clients may have about your marine dealership. You also stand to benefit from identifying errors surrounding your product early enough before it reflects badly on your business rapport.

3) Offer something outstanding and valuable
Social media is a crowded place, and it is hard to gain the attention of your prospective clients when competitor brands are aggressively investing their resources to make their case in the online world.

One of the best solutions for this is to offer something invaluable that will endear the customer. Value is not only attributed to money but also anything that an individual deems to have worth. Other forms of value may include information, custom-made products or building trust.

Through value you build brands, and through brands you have the opportunity to create connection and build mutual relationships that could last for generations.

4) Establish Consistency
It is known that marketing a product to a new client is much harder than to an existing customer. Therefore, establishing consistency with your customers and building an element of trust with them can go a long way in ensuring that your clients are retained for the long term.

Establishing consistency in the marine businesses usually, translates to maintaining lasting relationships and sustaining goodwill with your customers. Social media provides a solution for this challenge by enabling boat dealers to engage with their clients through social chat long after they have sealed a deal.

There’s more to establishing consistency than responding to every tweet or post and providing online customer care privileges to your clients. It is also important to know how to set the tone in your social media chats and ensure that your posting is timely, frequent and as engaging as possible.

5) Use of Email Marketing
Email marketing provides a way to keep in contact with the prospects that you hold in high regard and provide them with customized information and news about your products. Some clients can get enticed with the personal nature of emailing and get hooked to a brand instantly.

You can also use this to update your client about the relevant events such as a boat sale or show where he or she can interact with the customer.

6) Launch a blog
Blogging is an ever expanding and increasingly popular marketing outlet. Blog about your products, how they can be a solution to a problem, or just share some valuable information with the intention of gaining your viewers' trust or to simply entertain them. It is a way to make your mark in the online world and provide first hand or original information about your business or industry.

7) Post some Infographics!
Infographics are pictures that narrate stories through cleverly choreographed and designed imagery. They have the ability to pass on a lot of information in a fast, clear, and fun way.


Well designed Infographics can enable boat dealers to help clients visualize information about products in a way that attracts and entices them. The beauty of Infographics is that they are a useful tool for data visualization, and it will stick in the client’s mind for a long time.

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