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SEO: What to expect in 10 years

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Search engine optimization is the method that affects the visibility of a website. We shall focus on what SEO will be in the coming decade and the advancements it will make or if it still exists in 10 years to come. Here are some expected transformations;

  1. Specific niche search
    The expectation in the coming decade is the search engines for variable information. Users may prefer to search within web apps like Amazon or Pinterest as those platforms are more tailored to specific needs like product information or project inspiration. Another example is the Korean web app called Naver which is a Korean-specific search engine that is more favorable to them culturally than Google.
  1. Increased use of accelerated mobile pages
    The future use of web will be largely determined by how the use of the mobile web evolves in that time. In the near future, Accelerated Mobile Pages (AMPs) will be of the most valuable for blog posts and news advertisements due to their rapid load times. AMPs do not have their own server. They instead use the Google server which lumps them in with the rest of the world’s web pages, currently. As a result, mobile sites are beginning to drown out traffic to desktop sites, minimizing their SEO value. Research is still being done on the future of SEO as a result of this.
  1. SEO will become one with traditional marketing techniques
    10 years from now, SEO will be just another box to check in marketing strategies worldwide. No longer will it be its own specialty, in fact it is turning out to be that way already. Engaging an audience is always key. Doing so through relevant and exciting content through interactive apps, videos, text, and images will prove to be the marketing way of the future.
  1. User savvy will increase making obvious marketing tactics a thing of the past
    Users have been bombarded with ads for so long that we have become numb to them. They call it “banner blindness.” As younger generations who were born into technology become the majority of users, marketing tactics will need to evolve. In-depth research and strategy development with be critical to create more targeted and valuable content for its new “seen it already” audience.
  1. Irrelevant links will be obsolete
    After the launching of Penguin by Google, most SEOs became still on requiring good quality sites. Instead they focused on the building relations through the guest blogging. The prediction is that guest blogging links with low quality content or inappropriate placement will be, in a sense, marked as null and void. At that point, said pages will be ignored by search engines all together or even removed from the web completely.
  1. Artificial intelligence will continue to take over the search
    With the help of Artificial Intelligence(AI) Google can process billions of searches by shortening long-tail questions and even grouping them in different links related to the search. One such AI called RankBrain assists Google with the harder queries and their relation to similar topics by attempting to understand and mimic human behavior. This feature is proving itself to be very effective and newer versions of AI for search engines are already being developed.
  1. Social media will lose its luster
    Social media will continue to hold importance in SEO, but it will also eventually become just another marketing utility. We see that beginning to happen already as social media ad spaces increase and become more intrusive to the entertainment value of those sites. MySpace is a perfect example of how a social site can fall to the wayside upon becoming primarily ad driven.

-- Like most things, SEO is constantly evolving. As user habits and search engines themselves change, SEO will adapt. One thing will remain the same; there will always be users looking to find information on the internet, and for that, SEO is here to stay for years to come.

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