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A testament to the importance of Lead Follow Up

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Lead Follow Up Process

How are you following up with your leads? Are you calling the new leads that come in immediately or even in the same day? It can be hard to get in contact with these leads due to a dealerships busy schedule. Let's say you do call the lead within the same day, how is your follow up process? Do you call them back the next day? Or maybe next week? This is the conundrum for most dealerships. 

If you do not have a follow up process set up, it can be very tricky to stay on track and reach out to those customers you haven't gotten in touch with. Most dealerships tend to generally touch base with a customer (or a new lead that comes in) about 2-3 times. Ask yourself a question, if the customer doesn't answer on the 2nd or 3rd attempt what do you or your sales people do with the lead? Do they give up and mark it as a "dead" lead or do they just simply forget about it. In most cases they just leave the lead be and go on their way. Based on previous research it is best to try reaching out to a new lead 6-7  times throughout the leads life. You shouldn't call them every day for 7 days, but have a structured process.

This will show your customers that you are on top of your business and are indeed reaching out to cater their needs. Put yourself ahead of the competition because it shows you care and actually attempt to reach out multiple times, even if they don't answer. Most successful companies outsource third parties for Lead Management, this will give you a helping hand and increase your sales.

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