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Importance of Monitoring Your Reviews

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Apr 6, 2017 4:08:00 PM


E-commerce sites are known to have a future increase in the revenues of any boat business. As a matter of fact, almost all craft merchants are known to allocate resources in ensuring their online presence yields profits to their business. It is important to pay attention to the technical aspects that ensure the site appeals to the client base and posting of relevant information. However, relying only on this will portray your boat site as weak in addressing the concerns of your prospects. You need to incorporate a “social feel” in the sales arena, and online reviews were meant for that.

Online reviews are reverberations of your sales voice in the boat industry. They are seen as personal recommendations, and a consumer wouldn’t think twice about making that purchase if they came across more positive feedbacks about the item. A survey done by Search Engine Land stated that 88% of consumers read reviews to determine the quality of business.  

Observing reviews cannot be overemphasized. The same way you need a team of specialists to ensure regular posting and maintenance of your website, response to reviews plays a significant role in building the firm’s reputation. Monitoring boat manufacturer and dealership reviews is a simple task, but it can get tedious depending on the bulk of comments posted by prospects. Moreover, with many platforms where reviews can be posted, it’s becoming much more complicated to keep track of.

Yelp, for instance, is a website which was primarily designed for user reviews and recommendations for different kinds of businesses.  Monitoring ensures that each post is well answered and the consumer confirms that his or her diffidence is settled concerning a particular product. It would be a plus for you to resolve every frustrations posted on your site. The preparedness of your team is crucial when it comes to these kinds of reviews.

It is important to note that there is a limit to the ratio of positive and negative reviews. A thread of negative reviews taints the image of your brand. This would also play well for your competitors in the market. They also visit your page and see where your flaw is as expressed by dissatisfied clients. Capitalizing on this weakness would attract a group of customers to their base.

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Why lay so much emphasis in monitoring reviews?

  1. Manages Business Reputation, Integrity and Trust
    Your firm’s reputation is always at stake whenever a review is posted. This is because online reviews can be read by numerous interested parties to your business. Opinions about a particular business take into consideration multiple voices, and reviews are a click away from billions of online users. A statistic posted on Vendasta states that 68% of online users say positive reviews make them trust a local business more. Based on this, you can gauge how much weight reviews have abiut your dealership. 
  1. Maintains a Strong Online Presence
    A strong online presence involves prompt responses to both positive and negative comments. Continuous engagement with consumers inspires other prospects to join the conversation. Don’t forget to acknowledge positive remarks. For the negatives, ensure they are well answered with the utmost integrity so as not to taint your image. From increasing productive conversations, more consumers become loyal to your services as their issues well addressed and their remarks accepted.
  1. Improves Product Design Envelope
    It’s from the reviews where you can gauge the performance of your product. Some design considerations which may not entirely represent the situation on the ground may be improved based on trends of remarks from users. Be it engine issues, electrical systems, stringers, etc. they can be properly designed and meet consumer’s usability.
  1. Sale Drivers
    Various statistics have revealed that most consumers go through reviews before purchasing a product. As stated earlier, they are viewed as personal recommendations from other users. Thus, one wouldn’t hesitate to make a purchase based on the positive remarks. Consumers are also aware of faked reviews. Their decision is based on the both positive reviews and negative reviews(how well you tackled this to the satisfaction of the consumer).

Reviews are the honest way consumers can communicate without flatter. Always brace your team for the unexpected when monitoring them. Monitoring reviews should not only be limited to the company’s website, other platforms such as YELP and social media sites such as Twitter, and Facebook etc. are where users post reviews too. In checking them, you are ensuring your firm's authenticity in the market is in check.  

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