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How to Solve The Biggest Problems With Lead Generation

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Most of us know that lead generation is one of the most valuable pieces to the growth of any new business, and even those long-existing companies as well. While dozens or even hundreds of lead generation issues exist as potential problems with marketing and sales, here are a few of the most common that can be found with today’s online marketing and promotional strategies:

  • Lead generation services are presumed to be a guarantee
  • The use of the cold call is still a potential quality lead collection
  • Measurement of lead quantity over quality – Failure to properly analyze results
  • Lack of focus on the target audience or lead – In all locations of the marketing piece
  • Improper content, distribution or lack of direction to the landing page for collection of contact info

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There is much to consider when the problems with lead generation need to be solved individually. Depending upon the different marketing strategy and procedures used, the team members and their different roles, the combination of marketing, sales and other teams, as well as many more issues, many different solutions exist for all the problems your company may have with lead generation.

  1. The lead generation service does not necessarily have any insight into your target audience, and while they may be able to hand over a number of valid contacts these people are not necessarily quality leads.

  2. We all love the benefit of technology and where it has taken society over the past couple of decades, but not every ounce of lead generation has to be centered on the Internet or your online content. There is still the benefit of the cold call and live salesman who can start a personal relationship with the potential lead from the ground up.

  3. Similar to the use of the lead generation service, it is more important to focus on using your budget, employees and marketing to draw in the quality leads rather than more leads overall. This can be a combined effort of multiple teams, reaching out to the proper audience, the proper persona, the proper company contacts and more. Rather than randomly throwing dollars to the wind for a large number of leads that may never convert to sales, it is best to focus more energy on bringing in the quality leads that will bring the highest conversion rate.

  4. The marketing team must work closely on the first step of developing the target audience and persona before even defining goals or outlining marketing content in any way.

  5. It is widely known that distributing copy or content to website visitors and potential leads can be helpful in building their interest in your company and product, adding to return visits. However, without the collection of contact information for such copy there is nothing there but the increase in number of visits and quantity of potential leads. There is so increased quality to the lead list you are creating from your site.

There is no need to ever give up on lead generation problems or any other issue that may arise within your marketing goals. It is always best to continue analyzing the marketing and promotional methods you continue to use and the leads that are being brought in with your website, customer communication and relationships, marketing and promotional materials, landing page and contact collection, and many more. Best of luck in collecting the best possible quality leads and converting to customers!

Download the free ebook  "30 greatest lead generation tips, tricks, and ideas

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