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How (and why) to keep in-touch with customers after the sale

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A client’s relationship is likened to a fertilized chicken egg. As the owner, you have two options: break it and make a delicious omelet or incubate it to give rise to a chick. The latter option, you will need dedication (time) and means to do so. In the end, your efforts will not be futile; you might sell the hen at a good price or get more eggs. This simple analogy emphasizes the need to foster your consumers’ trust in your business rather than break it after a sale.

As Boat dealers, like other firms' marketers, we often concentrate more on attracting new clients than building a lasting relationship with the existing ones. Much of our attention and resources go into marketing our products and services than getting to know the opinions or reviews of customers who have purchased our items.

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While others think it is a waste of time, other key players in the same industry reap huge profits by just enticing their loyal customers for a second purchase. Mind you; their loyal customers will also want their close relations’ to share the same great experience. As you apply some customer retention techniques, make the conversation personal and not predictable.

Here are some of the simple ways you can stay in touch with your clients

1) Create a CRM Database
A Customer Relationship Management (CRM) system enables dealers to manage interactions and data throughout the clients’ life cycle. The system has been known to improve boat dealership relationships and assist in client retention. If this wasn’t factored among your strategies to keep in-touch, then it may be time to create it and seek innovative measures to improve your future communication.  Additionally, there are software tools like Google Alerts, Mention or TalkWalker which can also track and analyze consumer data as you prepare a CRM database.

2) Develop a Loyalty Program
Some clients are more attracted to loyalty programs than the purchase itself. This is because; the rewards they receive upon joining such programs are exciting and recompensing. A typical program is the one where the client gets to earn points by purchasing any boat accessory. They can redeem the points for discounts in the acquisition of other items or holiday excursions. Since the higher the number of points guarantees a more discount or a trip, clients will enroll in such programs in anticipation for a win. This is a sure add on the sale numbers as you get in touch with them through participation.

3) Make a Call
A call is definitely the most interesting part of sales. Phone etiquette involves listening attentively, being respectful and maintaining a formal dialogue. Be flexible with formality as some clients would like to be addressed in a less formal manner. Consumers usually have the upper hand in any call conversation since they get to set the objectives of discussion and questions. How you get to answer these questions and how you vary your tone will determine whether the client will opt to call you back, receive future calls or ignore them. During the exchange, show a personal interest in your customer’s affair and towards the end, do not forget to express your appreciation i.e. “Thank you and have a wonderful afternoon!”

4) Invite Prospects, Clients to Boat dealership Events
Boat dealership events such as music or sporting are a good way to get in touch with prospects and clients. At the end of the event, you will have reached out to many people and passed your dealership messages in a personal yet remarkable way. During the event, you can easily get their opinion and update them on the new arrivals you have in stock. On the consumers’ side, participating in such an event brings a sense of belonging to the brand. Therefore, this experience builds a strong customer relationship.

5) Reward your customers with gifts
We love gifts, particularly, when delivered without our knowledge. Irrespective of the nature of the gift, a friendship code is struck, and trust builds along. Normally, boating firms issue souvenirs in the form of pens with the company’s contact details inscribed on it. You can get a bit unique by rewarding them a gift like captain hats when they purchase a boat. This will show some appreciation that would not go unnoticed.

6) Deliver valuable information regularly
Before you send a newsletter to any of your clients, ensure you get their approval when they sign up. It is often annoying to customers when promotional emails spam their mail. Limit these and avoid sales pitches at all cost. Only send information that may be valuable in whatever undertaking the customer is involved.

7) Offer thoughtful Recommendations
Recommendations are a good way of appreciating the work that your client participates in. They may be running a blog or have a profile on a social networking site where they get to post their updates. Ensure that your public relations team follows the posts keenly and comment where necessary to celebrate their personal accomplishments. In doing so, you will earn the trust to forge ahead in nurturing a healthy relationship.

-- There are many ways you can keep in touch with your client. However, the techniques you chose will define whether your boat will sail in the calm or rough waters. Finally, as a boat dealer, apply those strategies in a recursive manner so that you can maintain a sale success.

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