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How to Identify and Attract New Customers

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The most important aspect in any business is the retention and acquisition of new customers. The smooth perpetuation of any business activity in any industry is dependent on a customer base, naturally; the boating industry is no exception. This article is aimed at highlighting some tips on how your dealership can identify and attract potential customers.

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Intense marketing strategies can be effective at acquiring new markets and customers. However, target specific marketing and proper strategies directed at a specific set of boating/marine enthusiasts can be effective to a larger extent. It is important to practice a proactive approach when out hunting for new markets and customers. Anticipation of the customer’s needs and expectations in this regard will go a long way in acquiring new clients.

  1. Source information from existing clients.
    Talking to your existing customers will provide great insight into their decision making process. Remember that this particular group has purchased from your brand in the past. It would therefore provide you with priceless information on what potential clients would be looking for. This will help you align your operations and strategies to be in tandem with potential clients’ expectations.

  2. Use your competition’s data.
    The great thing about conducting business in a perfect competition market is the amount of data and research competitors in a particular industry have collectively amassed over time. Tapping into this cache of information can provide you with some insight into what potential clients in the boating scene prefer, expect, and hope for.

    Boat sales and boating accessories are two similar but separate markets. Previous research can help establish trends and market curves you can use to your advantage while sourcing for potential clients for water sports add-ons, life jackets, wet suits and other boating gear.
  1. Carefully study web analytics.
    Web analytics provide so much information about your target markets and potential customers. The information from web analytics can help you improve on your marketing approach by understanding your potential clients and answering their common questions.

  2. Social media is your friend.
    Having a social media presence is now considered an extremely important aspect of any marketing strategy. Social media helps you keep in touch with your clients while allowing interaction with potential customers. You can easily respond to any queries and concerns about your products and services. It is estimated that a larger percent of new clients engage businesses on social media before settling on a purchase. Interacting with potential clients creates the impression that you care about their needs and that you are actually responsive.

  3. Publish customer reviews and feedback from time to time.
    This simple act establishes trust with your customer base. It is increasingly difficult to curve your niche in an already crowded industry. Publishing your customers’ feedback allows potential clients to understand how others have experienced your dealership and products according to the views of previous buyers. Potential customers today prefer to know what they are getting into prior to committing to a purchase.

Preempting your customers’ needs and delivering upon them will go a long way in attracting a new client base. Strive to stay relevant and study your various markets to help you better predict who your buyers will be in the future.

Download the free ebook  "30 greatest lead generation tips, tricks, and ideas


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