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How Often Should You Contact Your Customers?

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Making time to contact your previous customers is one of the most important and effective tasks a dealership can do to maximize lead effectiveness. The goal is to make sure you not only make contact with the customer, but to not bombard them with numerous attempts. A consistent and non-intrusive timeline will set you up for success.

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Contact via Phone - In the age of technology that we now live in, phone calls are becoming more and more peculiar. Following a 30-Day timeline will ensure that you are being consistent in your contacts but not intrusive. The goal is to make contact with the customer. To do that, follow this timeline until you make contact:

  • Instant Follow-Up
  • 1 Day Follow-Up
  • 2 Day Follow-Up
  • 5 Day Follow-Up
  • 15 Day Follow-Up
  • 30 Day Follow-Up

As an example of how this timeline would be utilized, a contact should be made as soon as the lead comes in. If no contact was made, try again in 1 day, 2 days, 5 days, 15 days, until contact is made. If contact was still not made, attempt a 30-day post lead generation attempt. This method allows you to be prompt, remain courteous, and ensure effectiveness.

Contact via Email - Email’s are a quick and effective way to contact customers. It can include a short and simple message or carry a lot of informative information. For new customers, following the same 30-Day timelines as phone call contact is the optimal option. To contact customers regarding upcoming events, new models, store-front changes, or anything dealership related, sending an email out once a month is ideal.

Contact via Mail - People tend to get spammed with advertising mailers weekly. That is why it is important to not fall into that “spam” category of mail. With that in mind, contacting customers through mail should be done once a month. Customers will not be receiving mailing from a dealership weekly, so when a mailing does come, it is unique and often warrants a closer look.

Tip: Personalize your outgoing mail. Handwritten notes and thank yous are much appreciated and will make your customers feel special.

-- Following these outlines for contacting customers will ensure success! It maintains a middle ground that allows a dealership to not forget about a customer, while at the same time, takes an appropriate measure to not be an irritation to the customer.  

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