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How Live Chat Improves Customer Experience

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 A good meal is characterized by a combination of factors. However, there is always a factor that stand out the most, making it more satiable and delicious. Website development also demands an essential feature to improve the quality of interactions between the company and the products and services. Developers should bear in mind that the best consumer experience improvement strategy starts with the correct software tools in place.

The key goal of every dealer website is to offer personalized services to customers by understanding their needs. Getting to know what your clients wants, how much they are willing to offer or why they are hesitant to make that purchase, gives dealerships the added advantage to customize their services to suit their clients’ needs. How well can you achieve this without the help of a live chat support feature?

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The “contact us” page contains a form where consumers record their queries. Nonetheless, this is becoming obsolete. The reason behind this is because most questions posted have a less probability of being addressed. Additionally; some consumers are tired of their inboxes being spammed by the promotional adverts through emails. Clients opt for other products from corporations which do not request their personal information for simple general questions.

With live chat, the customer initiates a one-to-one, and the available agent addresses his or her concerns. After that, a request from the agency to have personal account details of the consumer will suffice depending on the intricacy of the questions. It is after trust has been built and the nature of information to be relayed has been defined.

Why is Live Chat the best Customer service channel?

According to a survey carried by eDigital’s Customer Service Benchmark, Live Chat has the highest satisfaction rates of all the customer service channels with 73% of the 2000 people surveyed expressing the same views. This is compared with 61% and 44% for email and phone respectively. Here is why live chat has won the hearts of many:

1) Instant Response/Feedback
It is frustrating when you are put on hold or an automated answering machine for long periods. The nature of today’s world demands a quick response. Any delay whatsoever to get a response does affect your choice over another service or product. With live chat, all problems and queries are addressed almost immediately by the agent. This not only builds a good rapport between the parties but also guarantees a second visit from the consumer seeking further assistance. 

2)  Least Handle Time
Users patience should not be taken for granted. It’s during this time when an idea to try a different service pops up. This is mostly evident in long queues where customers lose their precious time to share their grievances.  A company that provides a live chat platform doesn’t have to struggle with prolonging their client’s patience. Once the conversation is initiated, an online agent would be here for the customer. It is also possible for the agent to chat with different clients and successfully answer their queries. This makes clients yearn for another interactive session once they are in a dilemma involving products or services.  

3)  Reliable, Enjoyable and Convenient service.
Unlike other customer service channels, the word “live” characterize the service to be dependable. With instant messaging applications like WhatsApp and Snapchat,   it is pleasurable to chat with an end-user in a less formal nature. Additionally, an online chat system gives an expedient experience to customers more so than other conventional means like navigating through numerical options to seek help.

4)  Increased Personalized Engagement.
Live chat makes clients feel emotionally attached to the company due to the one-on-one interaction. The increased engagement means the agent can mine for the clients’ frustrations and offer the best solution. Moreover, inbuilt software’s tend to save valuable information of the customers, and when they start a chart for the second time, there will be no need to provide additional personal information. In doing so, the clients are gratified and will remember that experience.

5)  Allows Multitasking.
In some cases, a client could either be at their workplaces or in a private setting, and they are in need of assistance. The presence of this channel enables them to demand just a click or a tap onto their gadgets. Other consumers do not prefer voice communication, and this is their best option. Having the ability to communicate with a person in your company while doing other home or office tasks makes the online chat system more appealing to your visitors.

Currently, an online chatting platform remains the best tool to improve customers’ experience. It is prudent that every dealer website adopts it to learn more about consumer habits and how to capitalize on it.

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