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Four Crucial Reasons to Call Your Customers

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Crucial Reasons To Call Your Customers

 In the world of sales, regular communication is an essential part of the success of any company. It costs five times the amount to acquire a new customer, than to keep an existing customer. 

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Here are four crucial reasons why a dealership should call their existing customers

1. Build Loyal Customer Relationships
The first step in building a strong lasting relationship with a customer is by being there for them after the sale. Dealers put in a lot of time and effort towards gaining a customer, so why not create a practice making sure you keep them as a customer. Creating a life-long relationship is crucial towards building a fruitful connection.
Regular communication can go a long way towards building a loyal relationship. It is important for the customer to feel valued for not only the money they have spent, but who they are as a person. Don’t just call your customers to sell them something. Call to thank, give, invite, and help; you will reap the rewards.

2. Measure Customer Sentiment
Once a person becomes a customer, it is imperative to make sure that they stay loyal to your brand. To remain loyal, the dealership needs to create a family bond with the customer.
Calling the customer to measure their sentiment is key in maintaining their happiness and loyalty. Your customers are individuals that have direct interaction and experience with your product and services. It is extremely valuable to check in and make sure their overall experience is a positive one. Doing this will create a lifelong, recurring relationship.

3. Stay Top of Mind
Customer’s purchase patterns differ with every individual. Some purchase in a short period of time from their first inquiry, while others may take many months of deliberation. This is why creating awareness and staying top of mind of the customer is key.
As a dealership, you need to be there every step of the way. From being able to answer any questions or concerns at the beginning stages, to being there for the customer after the sale. This creates a high sense of value and integrity that will be sure to resonate with the customer. As a dealership, you want to be the first dealership that comes to mind when an individual is thinking about marine products.

4. Discover Customer’s Needs
Many customers have needs that go unknown and consequently, unaddressed. They lead busy lives and can procrastinate on issues pertaining to their boat. By calling the customer and checking in, you eliminate any procrastination that could keep them from getting the assistance they need.
As a dealership, you can streamline the process by calling the customer and triggering any ideas they may have. Whether it is a quick service issue, parts request, or possibly purchasing a new boat, you the dealer, can easily understand their needs through a simple phone call.

-- Making positive contact with the customer is always a good idea. Whether it is to further build relationships, measure customer sentiment, stay on top of mind of the customer, or discover customer’s needs, a simple phone call goes a long way. Marine Dealer Solutions (MDS) has created an innovative and efficient system that can facilitate interactions between the dealerships and the customers. MDS provides the ability for the dealership to focus on sales and growth, while not having to leave any customer behind.

 Listen to a sample call recording

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