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Four Benefits of a Call Tracking Service

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Business telephones are key for all moments of the day, with incoming and outgoing calls moving off the hook. One matter to consider is the most frequent locations where all of those incoming calls come from, for sales, customer service and more. There are many services and apps that help to record and report customer demographics via all of the incoming calls to your company’s phone lines, including Google Voice among many others.

There is much to be said for the ability of your team to work with phone calls from their computers, including an app that coincides with the telephone line and computer. We all hear that message when calling into a company, “this call is being recorded,” which is included in any of a number of services that help record and report customer and lead demographics to help with all points of business.

Benefits of a call tracking service or app for your business lines:

  1. Reporting customer and lead demographics and analytics
  2. Recording customer service calls for most numerable issues
  3. Business Intelligence and Campaign Management
  4. CRM – Customer Relationship Management

There are a number of separate yet similar definitions for business intelligence and campaign management, and most all businesses need them both. This point is important as it can help with call tracking. There is always a reason to track data of the calls that are coming into your office, along with the management of all marketing campaigns and the results they are receiving. With the ability for incoming call tracking software to link your computer network to your phone lines, the customer can call in from their computer and the analytics and demographics of the computer as well as whether or not their call is the result of a received marketing piece or other type of information.

Every business needs customer relationship management, starting from the first introduction to a lead, and call tracking not only reveals where they are calling from but record and maintain those relationships over time. Remember that marketing and sales teams have a key role of maintaining relationships with customers and this can be a difficult task to manage when the number of clients and customers under one person’s hands becomes quite large.

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