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Five Common Misconceptions About SEO

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It is easy for all of us to fall under hundreds of assumptions about the acronym “SEO” and the thought that it is easily interwoven to your website in order to improve your placement on large search engines like Google, Yahoo and many others. While there are many benefits of SEO used in your web content, there are also many misconceptions that must be considered when planning your content for search engine optimization, of which five we will discuss here.

So, among hundreds of misconceptions about SEO, we have five common issues that are often misunderstood when optimizing your search engine results:

  1. Keywords and links are the only items that matter
  2. Google is the only search engine to worry about
  3. You can solve SEO with “set it and forget it” content
  4. Blogging, both yours and guests’, are not helpful
  5. Network and online marketing has killed the need for SEO

There are so many details about the misconceptions around SEO keywords and links that need to be overlooked when setting up and managing your web content. There is no reason to believe that quantity overruns quality, and that you will be best off by simply cramming tons of the necessary keywords and links into any one page. Content still needs to be reader-friendly, containing quality links to the proper pages for your company’s different pages and campaigns, as well as connecting to landing pages to assist with lead generation.

If you are looking to find assistance with SEO from another individual or agency, there is no reason to assume that someone with SEO skills or “Google contacts” can get you into the only search engine that matters. There are plenty of other search engines out there with results that are needed. You must also not assume that purchasing one Google ad will solve your problems, and you will be able to move forward without the need to concern yourself with search engine optimization ever again. Remember that pages need management and renewal in order to stay at the top of the search results lists.

Then we move on to the third misconception, with the need to continually manage online content in order to keep search engine rankings as optimal as possible. There is no way to believe that SEO is managed with content that is completed in a “one and done” manner. Something always has the potential to fall out of date or behind another company in your industry. Therefore, the website needs to be managed and updated regularly.

Fourth is the question, or misconception, of blogging. There are misunderstandings that allowing guest blogging on your site is only able to hurt SEO and your rankings on any and all search engines. This is not true. The more content that exists on your site, the more inclusion of keywords and links along with connections to external communications and such… leading to more leads and potential new customers. There is no reason to block out anyone with potential!

And, finally, there is the overwhelming misconception that network and online marketing have killed the need for SEO on the standard web page. This is definitely not true. While online marketing campaigns are very helpful SEO tools and strategies are every bit as capable of working alongside your online marketing to strengthen your search engine results and build sales. There is no reason to believe that these should be one or the other, but there is always a benefit to BOTH! So, work with your team to find ways to incorporate as many tools as possible into your website and online campaigns together for the benefit of the company.

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