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Customers Will Pay More for Better Customer Service

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Dec 28, 2017 2:08:00 PM


Some studies have in fact come to show that customers are willing to pay more for better customer service. This means that quality customer service is no longer a follow-up and long-term relationship feature, but a front-end selling point that will help you stand out from the competitor. In fact, it has been stated by the customers themselves that this is in fact one of their key research points in the buying process, whether it is an initial purchase or returning occurrence.

If you think about the fact that so many of today’s service companies (such as insurance, lawncare, house cleaning, home maintenance and more) present their guarantees, warranties and promise of quality customer service in order to gain initial business as well as the need for subscriptions or regular service. Therefore, the value of quality customer service becomes as important as the quality of the services being sold.

Think of yourself in need of a new doctor, mechanic or other continuing service in your life. There are so many things in our lives that have become valuable to the point of insurance, regular maintenance, even keeping them like new! We want to keep our own bodies as young as possible, and we want to keep those favorite cars running the road fresh and clean. So, we have insurance on all those things, we make sure they are cared for regularly, and we take extra care in searching out those companies who insure and maintain for us.

Now, don’t you want your company to be the one the customers choose for returning service, needs and more? Whether it is the boat, marine needs, boat services or more, you want to be the quality customer service source that people turn to. Whether it comes from the repeating customer, the one they refer to you as new, or many more that come along because you are able to sell your customer service, you would be the one growing at lightening speed in the boating and marine industry. So, again, treat your customers like the kings and queens they are, the key to the life of your business, and the numbers will continue to grow!

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