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Best Time to Send Emails to Customers

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While most of your customers are in love with their boat and their time on the water, there is always the priority of work and family that requires careful management of their email. Based on the idea that most of your email campaigns will be B2C (business to consumer) formatted, you will be talking comfortably to those clients during their down time.

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Below are the recommended days to send out emails, as determined by a number of different research studies based on the highest click-through rates:

  • Tuesday – Recipients have coasted over Monday due to happiness from the weekend and are now aware of the reality of the workweek. Your email may be a distraction from work toward personal life and interest, likely to be opened on this day.

  • Wednesday – Basically for the same reaction as Tuesday, Wednesday is often “hump day” or unfavorable view and stuck in the middle of the week. A distraction from work, or a view toward personal interests increase emails opened on this day as well.

  • Thursday – Now there is the more excitement in movement toward the weekend, and the recipient can see the livelier side of life coming. If they will be planning something of interest for the weekend, send out your boating email and your product or services may be just what they are looking into to create the perfect weekend fun.

There are also a number of highest click-through rates seen on weekend days while most companies do not tend to send out email campaigns on those days. If you are able to continue your marketing work on the days your customers have the most available free time, there may be some added click-through and website visits in your future!

Some recommended times, daily:

  • 6am – Starting out the day as well begins with checking email in bed before getting up and getting ready to head out the door.

  • 10am/11am – Late morning times just tend to be an overall popular response time, where emails are opened and click-through rates improve.

  • 2pm – Later in the afternoon when people start to look for a distraction to take their mind off of work.

  • 8-11pm – Many people settle into the close of the day checking out the last emails at night before bed.

While the daily activity, especially in relation to email has changed as technology has advanced, it is best to remember that there is always availability of email to almost anyone at any time of day. We all have our phones, tablets, laptops and more, and then there are the computers we address at work where there is always a break needed on occasion.

Download the free ebook  "30 greatest lead generation tips, tricks, and ideas



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