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Best Time of Day to Contact Your Leads

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Most businesses take prospects very seriously and converting those into customers requires knowledge of consumer patterns. This article reveals the best time of the day to contact your leads in the marine industry. Most marketers are enthusiastic when they ascertain the hour to pass essential information to consumers without it going unnoticed. It is not always necessary to wait for a persuasive event, investigate the purchaser and craft messages accordingly. Sometimes, all the marketer needs to know is the best opportunity to successfully gain the attention of their prospects. Here are some of the best times to do so.

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    This is especially true for the boat loving folks out there. Since the industry is based around luxury, fun and being outside on the water, those fun-loving people who are interested in the subject will likely be available and willing to interact during times when they are not on the job. Holidays are a very common time for people to be anywhere but work and are therefore easier to reach, wich is important in making the most of your energy in contacting them. In a bid to add your product to some of the exciting occasions of their holiday, your prospects might be particularly willing to move further into the buying process.

    Businesses are often advised to gather sales intelligence data. This enables the organization to build an evidence-based plan. In this industry, Fridays have been shown to be the most active days to contact leads. You might also discover that more contacts end in opportunities during the early afternoon. This is true because people are planning their weekends around this time as they are concluding their work for the week. An email or phone call during lunch hour could earn you a spot in their weekend excitement. Tip: Trends are always shifting. Stay on top of it by reviewing your data regularly.

    For any salesperson, seeing leads come in is always exciting but the time you take to respond to those leads can make or break a future sale. It is important to react quickly to a lead to yield the best results. The advised time is within the first five minutes of their initial contact.

    As stated in previous blogs on the topic, studies have shown that email visibility is strongest during the 11AM hour on Wednesdays. A phone call however is better suited for the earlier hours – around the 9AM hour on Wednesdays and Thursdays – in order to reach your leads before the bulk of their work day begins.

To find what works best for your dealership may take some trial and error with these tips as starting points. They are tried and true for many in the industry but as you know, lead follow-up is not a one-size-fits-all process. Study your patterns of both success and failures, plan accordingly, and your dealership will surely be on the road to an impenetrable plan that works.

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