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Benefits of Calling Your Customers BEFORE Your Boat Show

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So, you are hosting a local boat show where all of your wonderful products will be on display and ready for sale at the drop of a hat. Well, don’t let a single drop of potential business “sail” away into the wind!

No matter the length of existing customers sitting there in your CRM, set up time for your sales and marketing team to make absolute direct contact about a week prior to the event. You want to maintain that personal relationship, and let them know they are part of your “friends and family” commitment to the boating industry. You want to be the company upon which they rely for further purchases, as well as the one that they will suggest to their friends and family for the same purchases.

There is always the potential for the email and social media contact to be beneficial, but there is something much more personal about a telephone call this day in age. Hardly any of us use that telephone function of our devices anymore, so the personal message of an actual phone call with a voice could mean a lot. It’s a personal invitation, a mention of caring for the customer and their interests.

With this personal invitation and relationship these customers will be even more likely to attend your event, along with the potential of bringing their “plus one” or even more! It’s about more than just sales, but lengthening those customer relations and letting them know you will be there to answer questions and concerns and walk them through the entire process of shopping, from initial research through purchase.

So, schedule some time with your team to pick up the phone… and before you know it those event halls for your show will be filled with your customers and more! Your company will be the one they trust for boating products and knowledge, and you will be far ahead of the wave.

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