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Live Chat - A solution to addressing those simple customer questions that don't generate sales

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Depending on the level of which you need live chat to assist customer service in your business you have the ability to select the specific features that match your regular needs. With this, you can start an evaluation of the customer calls and emails that your customer service team receives on a regular basis. From there you can determine how often your visitors ask which types of questions. You will find that many inquiries are ones that never lead to a sale, but to retain excellent customer service they must be answered with the same degree of care as your buyers. 

A live chat system can provide answers to initial simple questions that are not directly related to sales. Given the immediate pop-up box on the homepage, there is the ability for all visitors to receive the indication that they have immediate access to customer service, even if those initial questions are not sales related.

Then, with the connection of live chat software to an actual customer service team, the questions that will more closely help with sales can reach your team directly.

We kept it short this week as we know your are busy selling. hopefully, the communications between you and your customers are productive. If you find that you are getting a fair bit of questions from customers that don't seem to lead to any sales, maybe Live Chat would be something to consider. After all your sales personnel would rather do just that, sell. 

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