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6 Ways to Optimize Craigslist Marketing

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Craigslist is respected marketing platform that should be included in your online marketing efforts. For those who aren’t aware of the power of this vastly visited site, consider that 60 million Americans use Craigslist each month (source), and that the site ranks in the top 50 of most visited sites worldwide.

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 Here are 6 ways to optimize Craigslist Marketing.

    1. Clear & Memorable Title – The title of your post is the first part that users see, which arguably makes it the part that needs to most care in creating. It’s what hooks your readers and entices them to open the ad. Be concise and expressive when including price and key details of your product or service, and avoid using too many special characters, asterisks or anything that may lead to getting flagged.

    2. Use Keywords – Most users filter before searching, making keywords very important. Keywords should be used throughout the title and body of your ad.

    3. Keep It Simple – Craigslist sees heavy HTML code as a sign of spam. Keep your ad mostly text based, with a few relevant images and clean text layout.

    4. Include Pictures – While some Craigslist users prefer text ads, others require pictures to see the product or service offered and may filter out posts that don't include any.

    5. Post Often – Craigslist posts are displayed in chronological order; the most recent posts are at the top of the list of relevant searches. Posting often ensures that your ad will consistently be within the first page or two. However, it is important to post in a way that is consistent without spamming the site.
      TIP: Craigslist’s policy states that the same ad may not be reposted within a 48-hour window. If that happens, it will not be shown in the search results – this is known as ‘ghosting.’

    6. Use Varied Ads – To avoid being marked as spam and flagged for removal it is helpful to use varied ads. Do not duplicate content, switch up the title, etc. It’s helpful to have multiple variations of your ad ready in advance, which will make posting throughout the week a very simple and efficient process.6 ways to optimize craigslist marketing - CTA-01

Simply put, Craigslist is a powerful tool that can be very handy in today’s fast paced internet based sales. The strategy is to maximize leads in efforts to cultivate true hot leads. It is also important not to get discouraged when using Craigslist, as it can be a time consuming process to truly dial in your company's marketing efforts. Once you have determined the ideal approach, it is important to maintain accurate inventory and post consistently. Beginning Dec. 1st 2016, posting boat ads by dealer on Craigslist now comes with a small fee. It is important to get on the same page with management and sales to determine a budget for your company that makes sense, while still maintaining a presence in your different markets.  


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