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6 Ways to Increase Website Lead Conversion

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Inbound marketing is a huge part of any sales process. Customers are now able to access massive amounts of information just by a simple google search. This has made the importance of website optimization for higher lead conversion is extremely important. 

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Here are 5 easy-to-do tips that can tremendously increase your dealership’s conversion rate.

  1. Simplicity -  Simple is always better. When a new potential customer visits your website it is important that the layout is easy to navigate. They should be able to clearly comprehend what it is you are offering and how they can go about learning more about your company.

  2. Call to Actions (CTA) - Ultimately, CTAs serve as a channel in which potential customers willingly exchange their contact information for a useful offer. A Call to Action should be simple to find while not being overwhelmingly pushy. It helps to offer information or even items that your buyers will find desirable and relevant.

  3. Full Company Information - Your business information should also be easy to find. If you are expecting the visitor to possibly become a customer it is important for them to trust you. Having your company's email, phone number, fax, business address, and even a google map link to your location all help create credibility and genuinity with potential customers.

  4. Social Media Optimization - Get posting. In 2016, 78% of Americans were found to have social media accounts (source). It goes without saying, that is a massive marketing opportunity. It is important that your social media pages are attached to your company’s website to increase eyes on both your website and social media pages.
    TIP: posts can be informational, promotional, gracious, whatever helps to establish and represent your brand.

  5. Customer Service Satisfaction - Having a feature such as live chat can go a long way to increasing customer satisfaction. A customer may still be researching your product and have a simple question, but may not be ready to submit their personal information.   This is when a live chat comes into play,  the customer chat with a live person (highly recommended over computer generated chat features) while still not having to fully commit. It is also important to respond to email inquiries quickly. Research shows that catching the inquiry within the first 10 minutes leads to the best results, by far.  
  6. Testing minor differences - It is important to test your strategies for what is working and what is not. Something as simple as changing a color on a Call to Action can go a long way in helping increase clicks. It is critical that you focus on one change at a time so that you can monitor which change is actually effecting lead conversion. Start with colors, move to location, font, etc.

The overall key to website conversion is simplicity. Having a website that is clear and concise without being overwhelming is crucial to your success. Allowing your customers to easily navigate and find exactly what they are looking for goes a long way into building credibility and trust among the visitor. Following these 6 easy steps will help increase conversion rate, in turn, giving you access to more potential customers.

Download the free Ebook "25 'Must Haves' of a Great Business Website"

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