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6 tips to get your entire team involved in social media

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The success of any dealership depends on two factors, the level of customer satisfaction and the degree of effort put into marketing. Social media marketing is a relatively recent trend that seems to be catching on pretty fast. Social media marketing capitalizes on the human desire to network and connect with other people, build new friendships, and exchange experiences. This article is aimed at exploring the dynamics of social media marketing and how to maximize your entire team’s involvement in it.

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Here are 6 ways to get your entire team involved in your social media strategy.

  1. Create Gripping Headlines
    The trick with marketing is to attract as much positive attention as is possible. A strong social media headline is what is going to entice your readers into looking further into the post or ad. Having your team brainstorm several eye-catching headlines will help to find the absolute best options.
    Tip: Using several different titles and headlines can be useful in finding out what types of verbiage works best for your viewers, as well as maximize the reach of your different audiences.

  2. Customize Your Content for Each Social Media Platform
    Each social media entity has their own rules that govern how people can market on their platform. For instance, Twitter has a 141 character rule which results in having to fashion “tweets” about a product or service as catchy and concise as possible. Instagram allows marketers to share pictures and videos of their products and services, but in a square format. One way to get your team involved is to separate them into groups and assign each a different social media platform to handle. Bear in mind, though, that it is ultimately a whole-team effort so having the groups come together frequently to brainstorm, share ideas, etc. is advised.

  3. Be Consistent
    Don’t be afraid to post often on social media. Older posts get lost in the sea of constant other posts. Repetition will ensure that your material stays relevant and near the top of the news feed. This applies for most social media outlets. Getting your entire team involved simply means getting everyone together to discuss the posts for the week and what works best for which platform, then assign material and posting dates to each member.

  4. Know the Trends
    Social media will, from time to time, stir up topics of interest drawing users into certain discussions where they can share, like, react, and comment. Knowing how navigate and be a part of those trends will help your dealership gain exposure. Getting your entire team involved will ensure that more areas of interest are being watched at one time. More folks on the job covering more ground will help keep your business on top of trends.

  5. Optimal Timing
    Timing is of the essence when dealing with matters concerning social media networking and knowing when to post your products or services on social networking sites is often overlooked. With social media, there are peak times when usage is at its highest. Having your team involved in the social networking endeavor will work toward perfect timing and placement of content on social media. Divide roles among your team in order to realize the best results.
  1. Embrace the Visual Aspects of Advertising on Social Media
    When marketing your brand on social networking sites, embrace the use of images and embedded videos. It has been shown that using pictures as a marketing tool on Facebook receives nearly twice as much response as a plain, text-only post. Have your team put together different pictures as a challenge and follow up on the one with the most responses. This is a fun way to incorporate your staff into social media marketing.

The above tricks should aide your dealership brand to stay afloat on the social networking scene. Your visibility on social media will depend heavily on your marketing strategy, and involving your entire team will alleviate pressure in that area that is becoming so vital to business success.

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