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5 Ways Your Boat Dealership Can Increase Summer Sales.

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Summer months pose an unpredicable sales success in the marine industry. Too much heat can cause folks to stay indoors. Too little rain during the wet season can cause droughts. Or, summer could offer the perfect time to indulge in the boating lifestyle. It varies year to year. This article is focused on how to increase Summer sales during those not-so-forgiving hot seasons.

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These are 5 ways to increase Summer sales

  1. INITIATE A REWARDS PROGRAM: Rewards programs have been proven to maintain a steady sales stream. They are a simple, inexpensive way to market and grow your boating business and gain new customers. Some examples of which are:

    - Offer a point system rewarded with freebees after reaching a certain goal
    - Similarly, a point system where a customer can exchange their points for different items or services, giving the option to get smaller rewards with less points or save up for bigger prizes.

    The idea sounds regressive as you eventually giving stuff away for free, but what is gained has much more value, both in dollars and customer loyalty. It is no surprise that leading global financial services firms such as Wells Fargo and Barclays incorporate the same strategy to great efficiency and the advantages are felt even after the Summer season is over.
  1. RAMP UP YOUR SOCIAL MEDIA CAMPAIGN: The truth is, social media does not slow down regardless of the season or weather conditions. Bearing this fact in mind, boat dealerships are advised to take advantage of the social media space to further push the marketing envelope. Active business social media accounts translate to higher lead numbers and conversion rates correspondingly. If a boat dealership intends to increase summer sales, social media one very useful and inexpensive way to go.
  1. OFFER LIMITED TIME SALES: The idea is to offer discounted or new products for a limited time. Limited time sales (also known as Flash sales) have positive deep reaching effects in that they attract new customers and increase the total sales. The biggest e-commerce brands and businesses have had great success using this tactic. An example of this is Groupon.

    The idea behind limited time sales is not necessarily to attract price-conscious customers but rather to reward the loyal client base you already have. 
  1. ORGANIZE A BOAT SHOW: A proven and effective method of attracting customers to your boat dealership and boost sales during the summer trading period is to organize a boat show at your showroom. Doing so allows you to invite your loyal customers and new ones as well to an event where you showcase both new and revered signature products. This is also an excellent way to give back to the clientele as the show could double as a party with barbecues, drinks, music and good conversations. This creates a celebratory atmosphere. If organized annually, boat shows have the power to beat the summer slump and increase boat sales.

  2. IMPROVE YOUR FIRM’S MARKETING INFRASTRUCTURE: Summer is an excellent chance to revamp your boating dealership’s website, mailing lists, and phone number directories. For instance taking the time to add new content on your firm’s blogs is a move that customers will notice. Although this is not the quickest method to increase summer sales, the strategy does deliver an increase in sales beyond summer. An organized website/blog, email lists, and telephone directory increases the efficiency of handling business.

Summer time is a period traditionally associated with vacations, trying to stay cool, and lots of sunscreen. Competing with that focus can be a challenge some years, and because of that, boat dealerships can contend with a decline in sales figures. Luckily, there are contingency measures that aim to keep the boating industry afloat.

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