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5 Ways to Keep Your Customers Interested in Your Booth at a Boat Show

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You have invested time, money, and resources into your display at the local boat show or expo. What next? Once your customers arrive, they have every bit of freedom to roam around the venue as they please. The goal is then to get them to your booth and want to stay there, rather than wander to other displays. Below are some methods you can implement to entertain and delight your customers into staying at your booth.  

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  1. GIVE INCENTIVES: Reward the customers who attend your booth. You can do so with a raffle, free stickers, complimentary treats, or even quiz your visitors about your display and offer prizes to the most vigilant participants; always fun. When a company gives, it also receives. Rewarding your clients for visiting achieves two things;
  • You stay top of mind because they have something tanglible to take with them on behalf of your dealership.
  • You will attract more customers. Who doesn’t love free stuff, or the chance to win it?

    …both of which will capture attention.
  1. MAKE YOUR BOOTH AS LIVELY AS POSSIBLE: By adding attractions like music, games and activities (for kids and adults), lively presentations and perhaps a snack, chances are your visitors will want to stick around for the fun. Lively show environments are sure to attract a crowd for all the right reasons.
    TIP: It is important to avoid having a “strictly adult” atmosphere. Your buyers will often bring their children and, as a parent, it helps to keep them entertained to avoid having to cut their visit short.

  2. KNOW YOUR “STUFF”: Your unique selling points help to keep your visitors interested in your brand. It is important to remain as professionally informative as is possible. Have your best sales team interacting with the clientele offering as much technical advice as needed. Another approach could be having a stylish video that addresses your exciting new features and technology while simultaneously setting the tone for the lifestyle of your brand.

  3. DON’T TRY TOO HARD: Remember, your visitors are free to roam and they will leave your booth if they sense a hint of desparity. The quickest way to lose a customer is to make them feel pressured to stay. There is no need to go overboard trying to impress the clients. Simply engage them while maintaining a comfortable distance and an aura of professionalism.

  4. KNOW YOUR CLIENTS: Businesses are built on relationships with their customers. Understanding your clients allows you to handle them according to their preferences and likes. Engaging your clients on topics they take an interest in is another great way to keep them interested in your booth.

Whether your visitors stay at your display is their personal choice. However, you do have some influence over their desire to stick around. Be interesting, exciting, welcoming, and confident in your brand. Your customers will be sure to see what all the hype is about.

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