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5 Things to Avoid When Responding to Leads

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Responding to leads is a day to day responsibility in a dealership’s life. The goal is to convert those leads into sales. Whether the lead is coming from a walk-in, phone call, or an internet lead, the way you respond to that lead is essential.

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Here are 5 things to avoid when responding to leads:

  1. Avoid Being Tardy
    First impressions are so important. That is why, when responding to a lead, making sure to avoid being tardy is essential. When a customer walks through your doors, calls into the dealership, or sends an inquiry online, nothing is worse than having a delayed response. It is very important to be prompt with a response and show the customer that you are ready to cater to their needs.
  1. Avoid Being Impersonal
    Being personal is essential to making a real connection. It is extremely discouraging to potential customers to be treated as if they are just a routine response or check in. Make the response unique and create a personality for each lead. It goes a long way.
  1. Avoid Being Distracted
    When responding to a lead, being ready to dedicate your full attention to the lead is absolutely necessary. Responding to a lead when you are distracted shows the customer that you are not there fully for them. Subsequently, it damages your chances of converting the lead because your focus will be somewhere else instead of on the lead.
  1. Avoid Being Vague/Uncertain
    When a new lead comes in, it is very important to be as specific as possible with the customer. Being vague or uncertain in your conversation sets a negative tone and shows a lack of confidence. Even if you are unsure on how to answer a question or what route would best fit the customer's needs, being specific and clear in communications is beneficial because it allows the customer to leave the encounter self-assured that they are in the right place.
  1. Avoid Being Hasty/Reckless/In A Hurry
    One of the most common mistakes is being overly eager and reckless when it comes to responding to leads. Often times a lead comes in as just another site visitor looking at the new models. Nothing turns a potential customer off more than sensing a representative’s eagerness to make a sale. Take a thoughtful and confident approach, and the customer will feel comfortable asking their questions, continuing the conversation, and moving forward.

-- Avoiding these 5 things when responding to a lead will increase your conversion rates instantly! Making sure to be timely, personal, focused, specific, and thoughtful will increase your overall sales!

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