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5 Things About Social Bookmarking Your Boss Wants to Know

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With a number of social bookmarking sites out there, your dealership has the potential to stand out from the crowd in many different locations, on and off line. Among the most common are Pinterest, LinkedIn, Stumbleupon, Delicious, Reddit and Digg, along with many more. By registering with these different sites, your website, microsites, blogs and other online marketing campaigns are available for added exposure and sharing with the simple existence of their icons within your work. Especially considering the fact that most of these are no cost for registration, providing you a free form of advertisement and expansion of your business outside your local area where only those who may view your dealership from the road may enter!


While there are an incredible number of reasons to sign up with social bookmarking sites, here are five that will help promote this method to your boss:

  1. “Trail of breadcrumbs” or a path from one visitor to the next online
  2. Increase the promotion of your company name in online communication and reviews
  3. The more places your company is named, the more links to your site exist
  4. With the promotion of your company your customer network can grow and engage naturally
  5. As the traffic on the social bookmarking site increases so do your number of online visitors!

You will notice the repetition of one word over and over again in the benefits of social bookmarking: MORE. The benefits of the online world overall have included the movement from the incredible expense of paper marketing trails to simple registration with sites where your company, products and services will be reviewed, communicated and presented through many networks. With a lower cost and effort, there is the ability to spread the word of your company’s name, brand, product, service, customer loyalty, and much more all through online communication networks.

Once you are registered with these social bookmarking sites, among others, there are also ways to track the most popular of your company’s links that are creating the strongest path. Many of these sites have the ability to collect analytical data, enabling you to find out which of your products or other information is gaining clicks on those social bookmarking sites. Not only do you have the ability to draw in more leads and customers, but you are able to track online data of what is the most popular!

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