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5 Low Cost Promotional Ideas For Your Dealership

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We all know that when building a business choosing the proper promotional events and strategies can be extremely costly and difficult at the same time. There is nothing better than to take some time to evaluate the many methods that are available to help minimize the cost in these promotions for your boating company, reaching out to your potential customers with passionate and active branding and vision.

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Remember that there are plenty of options to find free advertising, discounts of printed promotional materials and many more. Take a look at the following five ideas that can help to take some first free or inexpensive steps to promote your boating company to the public:

  1. Give free workshops or classes related to your products and services. This way the potential customers in the community will get to know you right away. No matter what stage they are in within the buying process, your company will be at the front of their mind when moving farther along.

  2. Assuming you already have a business website, make sure to add a blog to it. It is an inexpensive method to gain search engine recognition and put your business in front of more eyes on the web. There is no need to keep it old school, especially since a majority of shoppers are doing their research online now.

  3. Revamp your branding. Like all things, companies evolve. As your dealership grows and takes shape it could be beneficial to launch a rebranding. No need to change the name, the core values, or the structure of the company. We are talking about the visuals. Evaluate the logo, color pallet, design elements, and overall tone of the brand. Does everything flow well together and look organized and professional? Is it engaging? Rebranding could give a fresh start to your company as it still retains your existing customers while drawing the attention of new ones.

  4. Create a brochure, both for digital use and print. Brochures are tried and true as they offer and inexpensive way to get your company information in front of a lot of people. A digital brochure can be used in an email blast promoting your dealership. A printed brochure is a great tangible piece of material that people can take with them and possibly share with others.

  5. Get free publicity for your business by involving the media, including social media, in all of your events, from grand openings to presentations, shows, demos and all others.

While these seem like a great deal of work and may take some time for creation, remember that there is no need to over-spend while promoting your name and your product.

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