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5 Digital Marketing Goals for 2017

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There are a number of advances that have been made in marketing since the overwhelming power that digital and internet technology have taken within our lives. More than just personal use, there is plenty of potential for the worthwhile gains of the internet and other digital technologies combined to help advance marketing within the boating industry throughout 2017.

Among the most popular 2016 marketing trends in the boating industry are inbound marketing. With the broad definition that inbound marketing covers are mobile ads and apps, use of online videos, social media posts and ads, making use of online reviews at a tool, increased CRM use, SEO content focus, pay-per-click ads, focus on customer relationships (digital and personal). Beyond these there are still many personal, old-school marketing tools that can remain in positive use within the boating industry. However, let’s talk about digital marketing goals for 2017.

With so many of these digital technologies available for advanced marketing capabilities there are certain ones that can help work together with the larger industry-related events where customer relationships can be initiated and further developed.

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Here are this year's top 5 digital marketing goals:
Advancements to online marketing in 2017

  1. Inbound marketing your own website. Give visitors the opportunity to contact you for further information on the product, and find out where they will be able to see your company at shows and other events.

  2. Social media – creating business pages, lead ads, and other posts that can present your attendance at boat shows and other public events. Increase your presence on social media, without the inclusion of spam ads or posts to others, creating advances availability to potential customers who are always searching for boating companies and groups discussing boating both on a professional and recreational basis.

  3. Relationships with potential and existing clients – personalized email responses to website activity, social media posts and other online reviews. These relationships can be further developed with email, direct mail, and many other forms of communication. It may take time analysis and much more in order to determine what communications will draw the best response from your audience, but it just takes a little work.

  4. Use interactive digital tools like videos to pull in the attraction of the new visitor, possibly further increasing your conversion rate (visitor to user, user to lead, lead to customer). These tools can be used on your website, your social media page, online ads that are created and in many more places. Never be afraid to advance further into the age of technology with your marketing!

  5. With further evaluation of the company CRM, it is important to use the most valuable CRM tool to help track all marketing, analytics and customer relationships as a whole. There are many programs that can integrate with your website and social media alike to help track online activity.

The best thing to do is to work alongside all of the advancements in technology as they come along. With all of these tasks there will be the best acquisition of new clients, maintenance and nurturing of client relationships and improved advertisements that will bring in even more new clients. It may be a slow learning process with the latest technology, but it is valuable for your team to work together with the combination of the marketing goals and tools that will work best for your company. Good luck!


Download the free ebook  "30 greatest lead generation tips, tricks, and ideas


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