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5 Common Website Mistakes Retailers Make

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It’s common for online retailers to assume that by listing hundreds or even thousands of products on their e-commerce website, search engine traffic will just start rolling in. This is not the case as there are many more tactics to deploy that are proven to increase site traffic, enhance your visitors’ experience on your site, and make the buying process as simple and straight-forwards as possible for your customers - all of which will, in turn, increase leads and sales.

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Below is are a few common mistakes that cause shoppers to abandon a retailer’s website, and what to do instead.

1. No Product Reviews
Many buyers look for product reviews when shopping online to see what others have to say about a product before making a purchase. If your site has no such reviews, you are missing a very large percentage of your audience. Furthermore, it is easier for review pages to reach the top of search results than selling pages. In that regard, product review pages actually help to sell your product as it gets your site in front of more shoppers.

2. Poor or No Description of the Product
Many dealers fall short in this area and it can cripple the overall site performance. The same energy diverted in the development of a product should also be channeled in drafting essential and detailed information. The more information offered on a product, the more confident a buyer feels in their purchase decision; especially with large purchases like a new boat or boating accessories.

Every bit of information on your website adds search engine recognition. So again, adding detailed information will help search engines identify your product and put it in front of the right viewers. Without a product description, there is no way for a search engine to locate the product among millions of others like it that have such a feature.

Tip: Looking at what others in the field are doing successfully and keeping up with current trends is advised as long as the content you choose to provide is original and unique to your dealership.

3. Lack of Creativity
Every page should have a distinctive title, and not just for SEO purposes. Your page titles are usually shared in tweets and used as the text when someone bookmarks your website, therefore descriptive, unique titles are highly recommended.

As a boat dealer, carry your company name throughout your pages while focusing on specific keywords that are specific to each page, making each one as exceptional as possible.

4. Lack of Descriptive URLs
SEO-friendly or speaking URLs are those that speak out to a layperson what the website or page is all about. When the URL is too long, it becomes difficult to know what to expect on the page, resulting in less visitor interest and understanding of any products that may be displayed there.

Keep the URL extensions as short and accurate as possible. It adds to the simplicity appeal that is so many site visitors appreciate.

5. Make Usability a Priority
Original, useful content is also good for a positive user experience. To start with, your online store should be convenient and beneficial for customers so as to achieve its reverence.

As more time is spent on your website by prospects, the less they click back to the search results page which is a great sign that Google is directing them to the right place.

Finally, people who like your website and its offers are much more likely to link to it – and as we mentioned before, links are what drive you to top the search results page!

-- By avoiding the mistakes mentioned above, your dealer site will attract more visitors, keep them interested, and increase the success of your online presence. The Marine industry is very competitive and it pays to not leave any stone un-turned when it comes to your website and any retail pages it has.

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