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5 Benefits Of A Boat Show & Best Marketing Techniques

Posted by Marine Dealer Solutions on Dec 7, 2016 8:14:31 PM

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There are many forms of marketing that a Marine Dealer can utilize. Of all the marketing tools, there is not one that compares to the hands on experience that a Boat Show can provide. Holding a boat show allows the dealership to delight customers by offering discounted or free tickets, showcasing the newest models, creating a medium for potential sales, enticing add-ons, and building long lasting relationships with potential or current customers.

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These are 5 Benefits of a Boat Show and Best Marketing Techniques

1) Delight Customers by Offering Free or Discounted Tickets
Every dealership does their best to create an experience that leads to customer delight. A great way to do this is by not only holding a Boat Show, but to offer discounted or even free tickets to the Boat Show. This will make the customer feel special and show that you are willing to go above and beyond the customer's expectations to exceed their needs. This positive experience will create a word-of-mouth effect where the customer will share the how exciting and beneficial the Boat Show is. Most of all, your customer will feel an obligation to stop by your booth to say thanks.

2) Newest Models

One of the most attention grabbing aspects about the marine industry is when new models hit the line. Everyone is excited about it, but not all of your customers are aware of it. One of the main reasons to hold a Boat Show is the fact that you, the dealership, can showcase the newest models available to current or future buyers and keep your customers informed. Going to a website and checking out a few pictures is nice, but nothing beats the real life, hands on experience a Boat Show provides. Being able to tour and look in depth at the newest models allows the customer to fully experience what your dealership has to offer.

3) Potential Sales

Boat Shows allow for an additional pathway that a dealership can utilize in hopes to create potential sales. It is a great way to showcase the product and meet new, potential customers, or re-engage with existing customers. Boat Shows create an immediate connection between individuals from the dealership such as management as well as the sales team and potential customers. As the dealership you can gain fresh leads and potentially acquire new sales

4) Enticing Add-Ons

Providing add-ons is a great way to entice customers to come to your booth. By simply offering adult beverages such as wine and sweet drinks for children, it will display a friendly and welcoming atmosphere for the customer.

5) Building Long Lasting Relationships

Delighting your customers with great offers and perks as well as showcasing your newest models is not just for the immediate interaction with the customers. The goal of holding a Boat Show is to build a long lasting relationship with them. By providing a hands on experience, a Boat Show will be sure to draw customers in and allow them to feel that they are part of the brand you are so passionate about.

--Boat Shows are beneficial in so many ways. Numerous marketing techniques can be employed within a Boat Show as well. When aiming to delight your customers in hopes to increase sales by showing off your newest models and offering enticing add-ons, Boat Shows are an ideal platform to build long lasting relationships with customers.

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