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4 Email Marketing Campaign Ideas for the Boating Industry

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Together with other marketing strategies such as running advertisements, search engine optimization for your website, and many other campaigns, email marketing campaigns can drive your sales up. Even as you embark on such a campaign, you should have your target audience clearly mapped out and also know your specific call-to-action.

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Below are some ideas you can use for your email marketing campaigns in the boating industry:

  1. New Unit Promotion
    With such a campaign, your goal is to drive new unit sales for clients have previously purchased a boat. The aim is to get them interested in the newer models your dealership has to offer and to see if your customer would like to upgrade.

    Tip: It is best to send this campaign to those who purchased at least 3 years prior, as someone who just bought a boat might not be interested in upgrading just yet. 
  1. Service Promotion
    This type of campaign is meant to drive service appointments for clients who already purchased a boat or own a boat from elsewhere. Booking an appointment for regular maintenance, repairs, or any other service is the goal. Discounts work well for such clients and could help them choose to schedule that appointment with you rather than another service center.

    Tip: It may be wise to set up an online appointment scheduling system in order to increase ease and convenience for the customer. 
  1. Upsell Promotion
    This is a great way to advertise accessory items like life jackets, wetsuits, and wake sport materials especially to those who recently purchased new boats. Your aim is to get them to browse through your website or even come to your dealership in person and make a purchase for accessories.

    Tip: Discounts go a long way. Also, you should ensure your website’s accessories page is linked to the email to make it easy for your customers to browse through what you have to offer. 
  1. Newsletter
    Email newsletter campaigns are great for inspiring customer loyalty and nurturing contacts. The goal is for your clients to learn more about your products and services by visiting your website. A newsletter is a perfect platform to market all that your dealership has to offer, any sales events and even inform them more about the industry. It is also the perfect opportunity to request customer feedback.

The best thing about an email marketing campaign is that the cost is very low compared to the returns expected, if done well. Email marketing can get you a high return on investment of as high as 3800%. The good thing is that such campaigns can be done using third-party email providers and digital marketing services allowing you to efficiently and effectively market all your boat dealership products and services while driving your bottom line.

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