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4 Blogging Best Practices

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A company blog in the boating industry is a great way of solidifying your online presence to generate and increase traffic to your website and to position your brand as a leader in the industry. A blog adds to the personality of your company website by adding a slightly informal side to it that many can casually relate with.

These are 4 blogging best practices.

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  1. Content Creation
    Blogs thrive on content creation, and not just any content but good content. Good content drives traffic towards your blog. Additionally, the more you blog, the more traffic flow you get. The great thing about blogging in the boating industry is that there is more than enough topics to talk about. You can write on boating tips and advice, events occurring within the boating industry, innovation and technology within your niche, you can feature blog posts by industry experts, you can blog on case studies and testimonials showing the use of your products and even write on current news within the industry such as partnerships, among others.
  1. Carefully Choosing Blog Tone, Theme and Personality
    As already mentioned, your company blog is the perfect platform to bring out the informal aspect of your business. You can afford to let loose here and show a little more personality by using a lighter tone than you would ordinarily use on the company website while driving sales. Here, you want to consider your theme, which is basically what you want to share with the world about your brand. For example, the Cannon’s Marina Blog has lots of content that would be of interest to boaters around Florida. They also offer additional content on everyday things such as advice on finishing around the Florida region.

    Additionally, content creation also covers your writing style; whether your blog posts will be in the first or third person. The Boating Magazine has a blog where different writers add variety to the blog while showcasing their expertise.
  1. Contributing Guest Post Articles
    Content creation for other company sites is a sure way of adding to the traffic flow for your site. This comes with the advantage of ensuring that your own blog and website ranks better on search engines. It also builds on the credibility and recognition of your brand as a leader within the industry. For example, not only showcases their own editorial talent, but they also have numerous guest blog posts. This shows that they are recognized as a leader within the industry by guest bloggers who find their blog worth writing for. As a result, this allows to also enjoy traffic flow from the followers of these guest bloggers.
  1. Make Your Blog SEO Friendly
    You need to make your blog as SEO friendly as possible. You can do this by using keywords in the niche of the boating industry you are in. A simple way of doing this is by going to Google and searching for these words. Additionally, you can interlink your blog posts with other sites or other relevant information in your blog. Publishing blog posts frequently will also send the search engines crawling back to your blog more often. For example, MarineMax is known for using their blog to drive their marketing campaigns.The only way they can do this effectively is by ensuring that their content is SEO friendly. Their boat brands can, therefore, be easily located and those interested in these boats can easily locate them online.

Blogging best practices in other industries also greatly apply in the boating industry. By paying attention to these practices, you are on the right path to not only having a brilliant blog, but setting yourself apart as a leader within the boating industry.

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