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4 Benefits of Calling Your Customers After a Boat Show.

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A successful boat show is an exciting prospect, no doubt. It is a culmination of relentless marketing efforts and detailed planning. So, what happens after a successful show? After-sale services and other follow up strategies further work towards breaking new ground in boat sales and customer satisfaction. This article is aimed at exploring the benefits of calling customers after a successful boat show.

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Making that follow up call to a customer or serious prospect is an important move that assuredly sets your dealership apart from the competition in many ways;

  1. IT BUILDS TRUST: During the show, efforts and attention of the staff are focused primarily on sales. Calling your customers afterwards reminds them that they are not just a target for a sale and that you care about their experience at the show and with your dealership. Checking in to make sure all went well and is going well with any of their purchases will build trust between your dealership and the customer.

  2. CUSTOMER FEEDBACK: Calling your customers after a successful boat show allows you to collect strategic intel concerning what the clients liked or didn’t like about your boat show. Gathering customer feedback allows you to better plan your next boat show while taking into consideration your clients’ needs.

  3. INEVITABLY BOOSTS SALES: Fortune is in the follow-up. From what we experience, most boat show purchases happen within the month following a big show. A customer may have had their eye on something but hadn’t made the commitment to purchase right then. Calling a few days after the show, they have had time to think on it and weigh the options. Giving them a follow up call could solidify the sale.

  4. EXPRESSION OF GRATITUDE: Calling your customers after a successful boat show can be an effective avenue to express gratitude for their attendance. This simple act of saying thank you helps the guests feel like they are part of something successful and contributing by mere attendance. This is the basis of customer loyalty.

After all of the effort that goes into boat shows, in addition to making sales, the goal is to bring awareness to your dealership and impress the clientele. It pays to go that extra mile. Calling customers after a boat show leaves a great impression on the customers’ minds. This always has a positive impact, facilitating customer retention. Many businesses thrive on returning customers. Making sure that they are happy is a huge step in right direction.

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