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3 Reasons to Invite Existing Customers to Your Boat Show

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Okay, we all know that having a promotional show is a great way to meet potential customers and land new business. One thing that we often overlook is going out of our way to personally invite existing customers to come take a look around and talk to you again. Remember that if these customers have already purchased a boat from you in the past there may be any number of future purchases needed!

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So, consider the following three reasons that these customers would be good returning business as well:

  1. Boating & Sailing Lessons
  2. Maintenance, Parts & Service
  3. Storage Services

Boating can be dangerous, especially if weather or other natural factors get out of hand. It is important for the boat owner to be well educated on how to drive their vessel and do so with expertise for the safety of them and their passengers. Your business offers the lessons to master the craft, and you want those customers coming to you for them.

Regular boat maintenance may not be something that the owner can handle himself, in the same way that they would turn to a mechanic for maintenance on their car. If you are the company he sees as most friendly and trustworthy, then you will be the one he turns to in need of these services.

Then, there is always the potential need for parts and service in the event of breakdown or collision. Just like the maintenance mentioned above, there could be extreme frustration in the event of damage or malfunction of a boat. It is not very likely that the customers will be able to make these repairs themselves, and you offer a 2-in-1. The parts are for sale right there with you and the services can be completed on site. Again, if you have invited them to your boat show to review all of these things that you can manage on their behalf, you become the trusted source to turn to in the event of these needs.

Finally, there is one thing that many first-time boat customers may not consider when they had made their initial purchase: storage. While the boat may be safely held up in the driveway during the lighter months of the year, there is likely need for safer storage during the winter months, hurricane season or other rough patches depending on your location. It is good to invite all of those customers to your shows to show them how you can help offer safe and protective storage when his boat is not going to be in use and could end up damaged by rough weather.

These are just a few reasons to personally invite those existing customers into your next show. You want to make sure that they see everything you have to offer them on their boat, and ensure that they will be able to trust you with all their boating questions and needs.

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