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15 Blog Topics for Boat Dealers

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Blogs can be a very efficient form of communication from dealerships to new and existing customers. Blogs provide interactive insight and information on industry news - local or general, product information, and much more; all with the friendly, personable tone of your dealership.

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These are 15 blog topic ideas for boat dealers.

  1. New Boats - A blog providing information regarding new and upcoming boats can really excite potential buyers.

  2. Current Lineup - Discussing your dealership's current lineup is a great way to connect your customers with information about the latest and greatest your dealership has to offer.

  3. Performance Specific Boat Information - This topic will pertain to those specific consumers that are experts in their distinct interest and who love discussing performance. Ranging from surfers, skiers, fishing, or family outings, this topic will let you speak to all of your customers.

  4. Changes/Upgrade to Models - This topic is great for the potential buyer. Providing information on how certain models have upgraded or added features, it could be that extra bit of exciting news for someone whos been looking to upgrade.

  5. Quality of Service - Blogging about your dealership's service can provide needed assurance to a customer when deciding where they should take their boat.

  6. Expected Time of Service - For example, not every boat owner knows to winterize their boat to prevent costly damage in cold weather conditions. Posting a blog about that could alert customers of the issue and they can take action accordingly. Same goes for prepping to be on the water agian and other major seasonal services. 

  7. Ease of Getting Parts - A blog detailing how your dealership handles a parts service can eleviate a customers concern on how they should go about replacing a part on their boat. Many do not have the resources to do it themselves and knowing that their local Dealership can handle the task could ease their mind. 

  8. Tips About the Purchasing Process - Providing information about how the purchasing process works can answer a lot of questions. Include what to expect, what all is included in a purchase, when they can leave the lot with their new boat, warrantees, etc. Transparency is key to earning a customers trust. 

  9. Incentives - Blogging about your dealership's current deals, discounts, and incentives can help bring in that customer who has been holding off for the right price.

  10. Company Awards - Showcasing your company’s awards is a great way to show your dealership’s long-standing excellence within the local and boating community. Awards go a long way in impressing your clientele in that it shows where you stand out among your cometitors. 

  11. Apparel and Accessories - There is no better way to represent your love for boating than to show-off brand apparel and accessories. By letting your customers know whats out there and how your dealership's stock compares, it gives reason for potential customers and even those who have already made a purchase to visit your dealership.

  12. Local Boating News - Boating attracts a unique group of people. As with any community, members like to keep current with local news. By providing local boating news, it will satisfy current and incoming customers.

  13. Sporting and/or Recreational News - Providing sporting and recreational news can make you a local hub for active boaters. Everyone wants to stay current and up to date with new sporting or recreational hang-out spots, weather updates, and any new laws or regulations that may have changed.

  14. Dealership Events - Blogging about upcoming and current dealership events is a great way to let your current and potential customers know what your dealership is up to. Whether it is a boat show, an in-house event, or a live demo, you can inform your customer-base with details on when, where, what to expect, and how they can be part of it.

  15. Dealership News - This topic allows for a dealership to notify and discuss news and recent developements that are specific to that dealership. Information such as announcing any new brands a dealership might have started carrying or announcing upcoming dealership events all give the customer something to look forward to.

These topics are all excellent blog ideas for a dealership. Be sure to provide relevant and informative information so your customer can feel even more connected with your dealership and the brand! Blogs allow a dealership to be more candid and casual in an effort to express a relatable and personable tone that may not otherwise show on a website or sales floor.

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