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10 successful words to use when calling a Lead, and why.

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As a boat dealer, calling leads and customers is a very important part of gaining and retaining business. To ensure, when speaking with a lead, that your prospect will want to proceed with the purchasing process there are a number of words and phrases to use that will help you gain their trust and ultimately, give them reason to continue further. A major factor when speaking with leads is to always remember the diverse nature of each and every client. If you know little about their age, culture, interest or personality of the prospect, it’s wise to maintain a general tone and use calling etiquette norms; greetings, audibility, etc. When calling a lead, bear in mind that the candidate hasn’t made a purchase yet, and reaching out to them is simply the next step forward.

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These are words that any salesperson given the mandate to call a lead should eloquently include in their script. They will help connect to the subconscious mind of the customer and assist them in making the decision to purchase.

Here are 10 words to use when speaking with a lead.

  1. YOU
    The word “You” is documented as the most powerful English word. We all fancy product/ services which seek to satisfy our needs directly. Usually, if the prospect’s name is known, during the first part of the conversation, the name must be mentioned. Since it will be monotonous to continue stating their name, replacing their name with the word “You” has the same effect. It is influential because it engages the prospect’s subconscious mind directly.
  1. FREE
    The word “Free,” either seen or heard, almost always catches attention and strikes curiosity. Using this word while calling a lead could make them want to listen closely for what they could be receiving as a reward for purchase. Be sure to be very clear about which part of the offer is free and which is for purchase so to avoid any miscommunication. 
  1. NEW
    Anything deemed “new,” connotes innovation and upgrade, maybe worthy of trying out. It seeks to phase out any faults of the older versions of a product and implies improvement. Even if a lead is interested in older products, it may not hurt to mention that your dealership is “consistently stocked with new models and products alongside the later models.”
  1. SAVE
    It’s every consumer’s goal to save money on their purchases. Mentioning the word during the conversation may strike interest in your prospect, making it more likely for them to embrace your product or service. Making a point of how they “can save however much by choosing our brand over our competitors” might be a convincing touch.
    Something guaranteed is a promise. This assurance is essential in building the customer’s loyalty towards your offer. No one likes having the rug pulled out from under them. Guaranteeing certain aspects will help your leads confide in what you are stating because they will feel confident that the offer is solidified, and will not change.
    The boating industry is a luxury based business, meaning the initial product is more about fun and leisure rather than solving the consumer’s problem. However, a “solution” could be offering life jackets for sale as they are required to some degree in most states, or offering winterization services as a solution to internal freezing of the boat during the cold season.  
    Why should a lead give preference to your product over your competitors? By stating the “advantages of ours over theirs” and what they are is a great word choice to grab your lead’s attention as they will feel as though they are getting the absolute most out of their decision to purchase with you, instead of your competitor.
    People tend to associate the word “quality” with higher value, and that which will last. Paired with other positive verbiage, it can help your conversation with a lead stand out to them. For example: “The quality of our upholstery material is unmatched.”
    Your inventory and products were designed with safety in mind for people and marine life. Mentioning it will appeal to a lead’s self, friends, and family preservation instincts. If your brand has received any safety awards, from a credible source, be sure to include that information.
    This word opens a new dimension that evokes excitement to your prospect. With implications of exploration, the word “discover” is almost sure to inspire your lead. Someone inquiring about the marine industry already means that they likely are adventurous folks. Give them something to discover about your brand.

Your leads look forward to hearing from you and they want any information you have for them about your brand, products, services, etc. As the next step toward purchase, these 10 words, when used eloquently and honestly, will gain you prospect’s trust, attention, and interest. Once those are established, the next phase can begin.

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